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Where to buy shishito peppers in Palm Beach county?

HabaneroJane Jun 18, 2012 10:08 AM

I tried calling the Fed Hwy Oriental Market in Boca and a language barrier prevented me from getting any answers.

I looked at Fresh Market, Whole Foods to no avail.

was on the verge of ordering from Mitsuwa Japanese market in New Jersey until I realized that a $15 worth of peppers would cost about $80 to ship.

Anyone know of something a bit closer? Thanks!

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    DolceFarNiente Nov 8, 2013 05:24 AM

    I have seen and bought them at Foodtown in Davie but they don't always have them. Or try New York Market in Sunrise. Both are very large Asian grocers. You might be up against the same language barrier if you call.

    1. CFByrne Nov 7, 2013 04:39 PM

      Swank Farms is now growing these.

      They will be selling them retail at the WPB Green Market on Saturday morning, according to Jodi.

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      1. re: CFByrne
        CFByrne Nov 16, 2013 07:51 AM

        I got some from Swank last Saturday at WPB GreenMarket.

        Now, today I find Alderman Farms, based in Boynton, is selling organic shishitos both wholesale, and retail at the Delray GreenMarket on Saturdays also.

        So now its shishitos all the way down.

      2. s
        seminole phil Jun 2, 2013 03:44 PM

        call saigon market on park ave in lake park

        1. LiveRock May 30, 2013 09:22 AM

          I didn't see them on their online menu but I am near positive the Sybarite Pig had them the last time I was there. You might want to check with Dan on his source.


          1. s
            Semprini May 29, 2013 08:30 PM

            I've seen them at Foodtown in Davie in the past, but they haven't had them recently. I'd have a look at their WPB store (Military Trail & 45th.)

            1. CFByrne May 29, 2013 09:40 AM

              I'm told C&D Produce in WPB and also on Military in Lake Worth has them... but I cannot verify for sure.

              Will work on that...

              1. jpr54_1 May 29, 2013 09:27 AM

                I just returned from tripto NYC and NJ.
                I found the peppers at Han Ah Rheum(HMART)
                they were delicious-it was the first time I ate them.
                They also had them at MITSUWA

                You might also check New York Mart in Sunrise

                1. CFByrne Jun 20, 2012 02:53 AM

                  Oriental Market does not have (or apparently even know of by that name).

                  Even in person, language barrier is tough. Jerry McGuire says "You had me at hello!". In this place, it's "You lost me at hello".

                  On a redeeming note, they do have appx 1 lb frozen slabs of pork belly ($3/lb). Perhaps not the ideal source but it gives me something to play with for my now upcoming first p/b cooking experiment.

                  Little India market also did not have nor know of "shishito" peppers.

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                  1. re: CFByrne
                    HabaneroJane Jun 20, 2012 06:26 AM

                    Sigh, just as I expected. But thank you so much for asking for me. I appreciate it. Good luck with the pork belly experiment!

                  2. CFByrne Jun 18, 2012 03:49 PM

                    FWIW here's an older thread on Boca-area Asian markets... you might try a few of these other ones...


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                    1. re: CFByrne
                      HabaneroJane Jun 18, 2012 04:47 PM

                      Thanks, CF! That's how I found the "Boca Oriental Market". If you hear who Kapow's provider of the peppers are, let me know, thanks! Hopefully it's not Mitsuwa Japanese market in New Jersey (which looks awesome and needs to open down here)

                      1. re: HabaneroJane
                        CFByrne Jun 19, 2012 08:09 AM

                        From Jan Norris and others, I've learned they apparently are now "out of season".

                        Although I suppose if you were to import them from another hemisphere, that might change - for a price!

                        Regardless, I need to visit Boca market today anyway so I'll see what's up in person.

                        1. re: CFByrne
                          HabaneroJane Jun 19, 2012 08:39 AM

                          That sucks! Let me know what, if anything, you find. Thank you!

                    2. CFByrne Jun 18, 2012 02:59 PM

                      I've recently had these at Kapow in Boca, and somewhere else I can't remember (possibly Tryst in Delray).

                      I will ask around some folks that are/were affliated with those places... more soon...

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