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Jun 18, 2012 10:02 AM

Any sightings of the elusive local WA strawberries out there?

I haven't seen ONE tiny pint of local strawberries this year, even at high end local stores like Metropolitan, or at either of the 2 farmers markets I go to; Burien and West Seattle.

Anyone seen them and/or share where to find this dissapearing delicacy? Also prices seen?

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  1. I'd intended on taking the family to Biringer Farms' Strawberry Fest this past weekend, but when I checked their website late Friday night they'd posted that there was no u-pick yet, so we cancelled our trip. It seems our particularly cold, wet spring is delaying ripening by a week or two past usual dates though, to be honest, I don't expect western Washington strawberries until closer to late June/July 4th (the holiday benchmarker for me) anyway.

    1. Several booths at the U-District farmer's market have strawberries. I've bought them for the past couple of weeks. $4 a pint if I remember correctly.

      1. I picked up 2 pints at the Tacoma Farmers Market last week. They were Puyallup based and $2.50/pint or a 6 pint flat for $12. Also, I know they are ripening in my/my neighbors yards right I have to think they are in the rest of the area too. Haven't looked for them in stores though.

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          thanks ethereal, Puy. area does often seem to ripen a week earlier than Skagit, perhaps higher altitude.. great prices!

        2. Whole Foods Westlake just put out conventionally-grown Skagit strawberries - 2 pints for $5 or a half flat for $12.99. They looked tasty!

          1. saw folks strolling in Ballard w/ some GORGEOUS ones from the farmer's market. Sadly, i bumbed into them at 3:00 and market was closed. Went straight to Met Market QA and picked up some that were pretty good, but weren't as juicy as those spotted in ballard.