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Jun 18, 2012 09:34 AM

Louisville Long Weekend

Looked over some previous threads and I have some ideas of places to check out, but I'd like to get thoughts on three subjects-

1. Bakery - need to order a cake for my father's birthday. We're staying in a house near Germantown/Schnitzelburg, I think.

2. Bourbon bars. Need some brown liquor cocktails.

3. I've seen lots of recs for foreign food. I'm from Chicago and can get that here. What's a local joint we shouldn't miss? I've heard we should go somewhere for a hot brown? other thoughts?


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  1. Do you have a car and are you willing to go outside the city limits??


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    1. re: Davwud

      yes, and probably. open to any ideas.

      1. re: liverbird51

        I would certainly get out and visit some distilleries. There's plenty of nice country side and plenty of bourbon making facilities.

        There are some great places to eat as well. I like Whistlestop in Glendale and Old Talbot Tavern in Bardstown. They're not too far afield from L'ville. If you want to venture further out and towards Lexington and horse country you'll find Wallace Station in Versailles (DD&D featured) and in a nice little town (Wilmore) in a drugstore Tastebuds is serving up some good pizza, sandwiches and really good shakes.

        I've also been to White Light Diner in Frankfort (DD&D featured) and it's pretty cool. Rick (the owner) is quite an interesting character. I found the food good to really good. Nothing spectacular.
        Big Bubba Bucks Belly Bustin' BBQ Bliss in Munfordville is really quite neat. A real dump of a place serving really good Q, catfish and fabulous desserts.
        Science Hill Inn Dining Room in Shelbyville is supposed to be very good.


        1. re: Davwud

          we may have to come back without baby and in-laws. we'll def. be doing a detour by way of bardstown on the way back. thanks for the great suggestions.

    2. 1. I recently had Plehn's bakery do my daughter's b-day cake and it was great. They are in St. Matthews area.

      2. Bourbon's Bistro, The Lobby bar in the Brown Hotel has a great bourbon menu and you can order the original Hot Brown there as well. The Haymarket sounds good but I haven't been yet.

      3. Hammerheads

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      1. re: etonian

        hammerheads looks about right. something for everyone. we wanted to check out 610 magnolia of top chef fame but with a 1 year old and non-adventurous grandparents, that will have to wait.

        calling plehn's in a few minutes. thanks!

        1. re: liverbird51

          I have 2 kids so I feel your pain. The lobby bar at The Brown seems like it could be baby friendly if you go early. I obvioiusly wouldn't sit near the bar but there is a large lobby with a lot of seating areas. People are passing thru so noise isn't too big of an issue and you can make a meal with the bar menu. Also, Proof on Main has a good bourbon menu as well (not for babies though).

          1. re: etonian

            appreciate it. grandma and grandpa will be taking over in the evenings, so will have time to check out Proof sans bambina.

      2. dont go "somewhere" for a hot brown....go to the Brown Hotel. Not to be missd!!!!!