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Jun 18, 2012 09:09 AM

Hamburg - Kosher options at Cafe Leonar, Grindel.

Seeking some kosher food with a Jewish colleague who’s visiting Hamburg with me this time, we decided to try Café Leonar , a 4 year-plus eatery strategically located in Grindel, traditionally Hamburg’s Jewish quarter before the war. Today, besides the Talmud-Torah school up the road, 200 yards from Café Leonar, there’re very little visible remains of the old Jewish community.

What I liked about Cafe Leonar was its bright sunny dining area, surrounded by books on Judaism, etc (the place also functioned as a Jewish book club).

What we had:
- A shared appetizer platter consisting of a very tasty hummus, some wonderful freshly-prepared falafel (crisp shells encasing moist, delicious chickpea-bean interior), pillowy-soft pita bread, shredded rotkohl, and freshly-chopped tomato-cucumber-pepper salad dressed in olive oil-lemon dressing;
- Entrees were: Chicken breast fillets stuffed with chopped spinach and melted cheese, served with pumpkin puree and pan-fried vegetables. The other entrée was Wiener Schnitzel, served with a creamy-vinegary warm potato salad

We liked the food – it was not out-and-out Sephardic nor Ashkenazy-Jewish cuisine, more like just simply kosher German cuisine. We didn’t try any of the baked goods on display – probably worth checking out next time.

No credit cards accepted here.

Address details
Café Leonar
Grindelhof 87
20146 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 40 41353011

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  1. Not so kosher, unfortunately. Mixing chicken with cheese (I even checked the menu to make sure) is verboten. Sounds more German with Israeli overtones -- nothing wrong with that, but not kosher.

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    1. i understand that there is another small israeli cafe at the other end of grindelhof near the cinema.