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Jun 18, 2012 09:03 AM

Dairy free, nut free low cal snack bars

I've been eating Fiber one 90 calorie snack bars (PB Oatmeal, yum) but after an allergy attack this weekend, I really need to cut back more on my dairy intake. It seems that all the F1 bars have dairy in them. darnitall!
Does anyone know of a decent granola or snack bar that is low cal, dairy and tree nut free? It seems that if you find something to fit an allergy diet it is full of fat and calories.

tia! :)

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  1. Only thing I can think of immediately is the sesame bars held together by some honey. There must be other seed bars out there.

    1. These aren't 90 calories, but they're a lot of nutrition for the calories and you could always cut them in half--they aren't tiny:

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      1. re: Jeri L

        The nut free ones may still be a problem due to processing in vicinity of nuts. Also, those concentrated soy isolates aren't healthy.

        1. re: mcf

          the simply bars do look tasty, but the nut cross contamination possibilities make me nervous. it's SO hard to avoid tho. :)

          1. re: jujuthomas

            I think it's very easy to make such bars at home from your own recipe. With that much concern over allergens, you may be better off doing that and having more control over quality of ingredients.

            1. re: mcf

              yeah, I think I'll look into that option. the pre made bars are just so convenient. :)

                1. re: mcf

                  seriously! especially the ones that could kill ya. :)

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    Which could ruin yer whole day!