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Jun 18, 2012 08:40 AM

3days with 7yr old

coming to the city this week end and need some dinner recs that will be good with an adventurous 7yr old. maybe brunch too?

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  1. I just came back from a weekend trip with a 9 and 11 yr old. We had lots of great meals that kids and adults enjoyed:
    Lunch - Keste for pizza (W. Village). We got there just as it opened, so there was no wait. I suspect dinner is a different story. Fantastic pizza. The picky 9 y.o. loved the margherita (as did all the adventurous eaters) and the rest of us loved several other pies.

    Dinner: Szechuan Gourmet, 56th st. location. Again, the picky eater loved the scallion pancake and beef chow fun, and lots of other great stuff for the rest of us. Good environment for kids. Not too crowded. We waltzed in on Sat. w/a party of 6 and had no problem getting a table.

    Brunch: Le Pain Quotidien - locations around the city. Nothing spectacular, but this is a very good, reliable spot that our family enjoys. It's our go-to for afternoon snacks, etc. also.

    On other visits, we frequent Katz's, Murray's Bagels, Shake Shack, and other casual spots.

    1. Oh, should also add that we also had lunch at the cafe at MoMA (not The Modern, just the cafe in the museum). Kids thought it was very fancy for a museum cafe and loved the food (the 11 y.o. was especially impressed by the salume plate that came with olives, cheese and crackers).

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        As a parent, I have to say that I love the MoMA children's meals because they come with choice of seasonal fruit or cookie. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, local, freshly sliced, delicious apple that came with my daughter's meal.

      2. How much do you want to spend on dinner and how much on brunch? Any additional insight into kinds of food you and your child have liked before would be helpful, too.

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          no limit on price for either. I go to the city and eat every couple of years, but never with my daughter. not a believer in kids meals (sorry), and would appreciate farm to table recs too. I've heard great things about Ippudo, want to know if Frankie's is okay with kids. How bout Minetta Tavern? or Mission Chinese? Daughter has grown up in restaurants (I own one) but need some guidance.

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            IMO, both Ippudo and Minetta tavern are not the best places to go with kids.
            You sould do a quick search for restaurants that are good for kids. There are numerous posts on this topic.
            For brunch, maybe try Mailiano, Locanda Verde, Balthazar and Breslin.

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              Frankie's Spuntino is not special, though for some reason, it has some vociferous fans on this board.

              I think you should go to Balthazar for brunch.

              If you can get into Babbo, your daughter might enjoy it for dinner, if she enjoys hard rock (they don't blast it, but it's not soft background music, either, and my brother remarked when we ate there "I can't believe they're playing Guns 'n Roses"). Look at threads for guidance on what is best to order and to avoid there; I doubt anything would be bad, but some dishes are great and others are merely fine and not so special.

              If you want great Sichuan-style food and want to stay in Manhattan, consider Szechuan Gourmet. I've been enjoying their 56th St. location lately.

              Another thing you and your daughter might enjoy is good Korean BBQ, unless Philly is strong in that. Madangsui is your best bet for that, and marinated galbi and bulgogi are your best bets. Don's Bogam is a close second and has chili-marinated galbi, which Madangsui doesn't have. Both places have great banchan, with a slight edge again to Madangsui.