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Any info on Golden Diamond Chinese Restaurant (old Bright Pearl location)

I was heading towards King's Noodle very late on Saturday night, and I noticed there are new signs up at 346 Spadina, the building that used to house Bright Pearl Seafood. The new name is "Golden Diamond", although a Yellow Pages entry online for the 647-748-6888 phone number lists it as "Gold Diamond". Anyone know who the owners are, what style of cuisine they will be serving, and when it will be opening?

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  1. With a name like that it probably is Cantonese dim sum and dinner restaurant. It only says opening soon...

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      Yeah, that's about all the info I have as well.

    2. What I want to know is whether the curse still applies.

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        Ha, it does for those that believe in that sort of thing...otherwise not so much. I have a friend who avoids a very popular Cantonese restaurant in the burbs on the belief that it's housed in a former funeral home. There is no way he can be convinced to dine there. So in these cases, there will be a dip (however slight) in business.

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          What happened at Bright Pearl or at that location? Bright Pearl was in business for a pretty long time.

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            They closed down a couple of years ago. Apparently there was some sort of dispute between the restaurant management and the owners of the building. I don't think it had been doing all that well in recent years. The place was always packed for dim sum on weekends, but I was there for dinner during the week a couple of times, and it was pretty much dead.

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                I don't think your question was answered. There are a lot of rumours about the location, but off the top of my head, either someone died at the location in the stair well, or it used to be a funeral parlour. That's the actual source of the curse. Plus I heard something about an outdoor sign on top of a building across the street that directs sunlight directly at the stairwell where somebody was killed... it's all crazy. And the building might be haunted.


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                  I was wondering about the story behind the curse. Thanks for your reply. ;-)

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                    Go to the Canada section , the restaurant/ building is mentioned

        2. They're open now, was passing by and grabbed a dimsum menu so maybe it won't be carts. Also banner says $1.88 all dim sum during happy hour. Heard the staff speaking Mandarin though.

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            Thanks for the info, Teep. What do they define as their happy hour?

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              They didn't specify, usually these are in the morning, so possibly 9-11 am.

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              Thanks for the info, Teep! I had passed by the location a few weeks ago and saw a new sign up, but I never got around to posting it here. Anyone go to their grand opening?

            2. Finally tried it and found it pretty mediocre. Har gow was OK although skin was a but thick, taro cake had lots of cubes of taro but not enough frying, taro pastry (woo-gak) had plenty of filling but the crust was hard and crunchy instead of light and flaky. Steamed ribs were a bit tough. Veggie spring rolls had little flavour. The best was seafood pumpkin congee but probably due to MSG. It's order by menu but there were a few carts, mostly desserts and fried items.

              So the food is not as good as Rol San and maybe the same level as Sky Dragon. One advantage is it's still relatively unknown and they have lots of tables so there shouldn't be any wait. And the service is good. So it will be on our list.

              1. Have been there twice now ... So relieved to see that location has a dim sum restaurant again, has carts and it's good! We've been going to Rol San since Bright Pearl closed because we went because it was the only decent alternative. I have to say I was never a huge fan -- the cramped entries and food didn't really draw us in. We went a bit half-heartedly. Also, it's nice to have the carts as I find we end up trying different things on each visit since you never know what will come by. Otherwise, you just order your favourites and have the same menu each time. The new Golden Diamond is a bit weird, decor-wise, (laminate floors, flimsy curtains, alternating-coloured lights on the ceiling and soon-to-be-destroyed and already dirty covers on the chairs) but the food is good and it's cheerful inside.

                We found the selection to be very much like the selection at the old Bright Pearl. On our first visit, we were presented with a brochure menu to check off our choices. We asked if there would be carts but were told "no" and that only fruit and dessert would be offered on carts. However, after we had ordered off the menu and started eating, a few carts did go by with things other than dessert.

                So, on our second visit yesterday, we waited for carts and had a great lunch. For me, one thing that really turns me off of dim sum is to find bits of shell or vein in the shrimps, tucked into a dumpling (this happens a lot at rol san). It's not a big deal but indicates a lack of attention to detail in my mind. Each and every shrimp in the har gow or in the rice rolls was perfectly cleaned. We did not eat spring rolls but the other fried dishes we had, like the squid tentacles, were cooked really well and were tender, not too greasy. The rice and rice rolls were very good and the fried pork dumplings wrapped in rice paste (don't know the name of this) were yummy and not completely grease-laden as they sometimes are. The bok choy is an XL choice but we generous and tasty. The barbeque pork was very nice, not too sweet and the barbeque pork buns were also had a good filling -- the dough was not dry. We were so relieved to find that the food was good!!! We went back a week after our first visit.

                Bright Pearl was almost a weekly ritual for us and our son so we were really sad to see that it closed. The fact that a new restaurant opened, serves dim sum and is good, was very happy news indeed. For now, the place isn't too busy, with a mix of clientele. I did spot a couple of staff members who I remember from the old place. The service was good and everyone was attentive. Glad we can re-establish our dim sum ritual on the weekends. If you have doubts about trying this place, don't. The food was nice, quick and it's still a bright, pleasant place to eat!