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Jun 18, 2012 06:59 AM

Fried Seafood suggestions FLL area

OK, I've done the search thing, and can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for. Maybe because it's kind of "off the wall" for this area. Coming to Fort Lauderdale in a few weeks with my inlaws. They think they love fresh seafood. However their perspective is from a lifelong NC native, who mainly gets "calabash style" fried flounder at home. We've brought them down before, and they always say, let's get some fresh fish, but when we take them to a good seafood restaurant, flounder is not on the menu or any other kind that they recognize, and neither is deep fried anything very often. Did get them to try some orange roughy one time, and they liked it. Snapper is just too strange for them (and probably too strong tasting as well). My MIL does like devilled crab and good crab cakes as well, and they occassionally eat some salt and pepper catfish. So, should I just stick to places that have a good grouper sandwich? Or is there some place that serves fried fish, mild flavored? Willing to drive up to an hour in any direction from Fort Lauderdale. I know what I am asking doesn't qualify as "good seafood" in most people's mind.


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  1. Catfish Dewey's has been frying seafood since the invention of the fry-o-later. Their fish is always fresh -- it has to be, considering the amount they go through in a night! They have at least two AYCE's a night -- always catfish, and one other species which differs by night. Their website can guide you.

    The food is good, though the 'down-home' ambiance is often decried. Prices are fair, quality is top-notch, and the hush-puppies are delish. What more could you want?

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      I second the recommendation - would have posted Catfish Dewey's myself if southocean hadn't got to it first. You can find Catfish Dewey's menues on the internet and decide which AYCE you are most interested in. But even if you don't have the AYCE plates, there is lots else to choose from. My wife really likes their catfish fillet smothered in crabmeat, but I think is is not listed on the menu -- if you ask for it, they will prepare it. We are snowbirds in Lake Worth and make several trips down to FLL every year just to eat at Catfish Dewey's.

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        Wow, thanks so much, I have never heard of this place, and it sounds like just what we are looking for (for them), we will definitely give it a try while we are there. I see they have ribs as wel (I'm not much into seafood) do you know if they are any good, or should I just stick with steak?

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          Ask for a sample of ribs so you can decide if that's what you want. My guess is they will let you try something you might like than forcing you to take what you won't. Maybe this is the place for you to try good seafood.

      2. I can't imagine Snapper being "too strong tasting" unless there was something seriously flawed with a particular serving / recipe.

        I think yellowtail and mutton for example are some of the most mild tasting fish out there. Certainly no "stronger" than grouper - which you'll be lucky to get genuine anyway, but that's another story.

        Ditto for dolphin. And dolphin is much cheaper.

        As a result, Fried Dolphin Fingers can be found on plenty of menus... That might fit the bill.

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          Take them to Rustic INN The seafood gets lost among the crabs/ But they usually have a pretty good selection/ They will cook it anyway you want it and it's miles above catfish dewey's

        2. I know its a local Chain but La Granga has some pretty decent fried seafood, always fresh, and tasty

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            LaGranga, is showing up as Peruvian food, is this the one for fried seafood as well? If it is, I would like to try the Peruvian specialties myself.