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Jun 18, 2012 04:34 AM

DF Dilemma: Selecting a Spanish Restaurant

I know that I am somewhat obsessed with Spanish restaurants in Mexico City. We will soon be spending a couple of nights in Colonia Roma Norte, and want to dine at a good Spanish restaurant. It's our anniversary and so we want it to be really good. In my web research, I have come up with several candidates, none of which are very far from where we'll be staying. We'd prefer not to travel far to dinner. Quiet and romantic are other desirable attributes. We are looking at Saturday, June 23 for this dinner.

The candidates are as follows:
El Racó, Av. Sonora. We were there two years ago and were pleased overall. However, the seasonal dishes page on the website hasn't changed since then. That may be unimportant. Maybe the website just hasn't been updated.

Txakoli, on Avenida Colima. I think it used to be Guria: I have looked at their menu on line, and it has some attractive options, but I don't have a sense of the quality.

Centro Gallego, also on Av. Colima: a huge, imposing edifice with a Galician restaurant. The menu is appealing, but I don't have any reports from any one who has eaten there.

Finally, Casa Gallega, on Av. Cuahtémoc, Colonia Doctores. Spiffy looking place, but features a seafood buffet on weekends. That to us is not an attraction.

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  1. Here's one that's not on your list. I've eaten here once, but as an invited guest of the house. The restaurant and its chef, Pablo San Román, get an enormous amount of excellent press.


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      Thank you, Cristina; D.O. looks very good. However, with excellent memories from El Racó, of food, service, and warm hospitality, we have decided to return there.

    2. O'Xacobeo is the resto you are thinking of at the Centro Gallego. It's pretty good, albeit quite traditional in the types of dishes, plating. That makes it a fun experience, but it's also not the place that's probably going to blow your mind. I enjoyed myself a lot for what it was - we were definitely in the mood for big plates of old school food.

      My only real beef was that the beef was served rare when I asked for it medium (medio usually gets you something like medium rare in the US). It's a common prob I have here, but still kind of annoying when the cooks aren't really great at cooking cortes.

      D.O. definitely tops my list, although Raco is nice, casual and intimate. Glad you had a good time there again.

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        I'm a bit abashed that I haven't yet reported back about our excellent meal at El Racó. As ever, the service was first rate; warm and attentive. We started with three soups; two of which were relatively small plates, but exquisite: a Crema de Pimiemto Rojo and a Sopa de Tres Hongos. Those we followed with a larger shared serving of "Crema de Almejas, which was not really a cream, but a very nice seafood broth with Portuguese clams in the shell.

        For our plato fuerte, we shared a Huauchinango a La Sal. It was very simple, fresh and pure.

        Again, from the specials menu, we shared Triángulos Relleno de Crema. Those were reminiscient of won ton wrappers, filled with crema pastelera, and deep fried.

        I wrote about our experience on my blog:

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          I've recommended it before for their paella. I love Meson del Cid on Humboldt.

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            Anonimo, I'd love to take a look at your Racó experience, but your link says that I am prohibited from entering the page. Can you offer a solution?


            1. re: cristina

              Cristina, I'll check that out and try to correct it. It may be that the Picasa Web Album is limited, but that can easily be changed

              I'm back already. The access is set to "public" so there should be no problem.

              I see what the problem was on the Racó blog post: I mistakenly pointed the URL to the edit mode.
              Here is the correct URL:
              That should work for you.