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Jun 18, 2012 01:13 AM

So where are you a Regular?

Do you have a favorite restaurant you regularly go to? Where they might know you by name? Where the food and service are consistently good so you go every week or even more?

I work the night shift and have given up on the concept of cooking. If it isn't already prepared and I have to find time to make it then it's going to go bad in my fridge. I have concluded that eating out makes more sense for me.

One of my favorite places to go is the Blue Anchor in Delray. Mostly for lunch. I never order the french fries (nothing wrong with them, just not that healthy a choice.) I substitute either cooked carrots, sometimes carrots and peas, or salad greens for no extra charge. My latest favorite to order has been a grilled ham and cheddar with sauteed mushrooms added in and a side salad. But I also like the quiche(which is always changing) and the Cornish Pasty. I may drive my favorite barmaid and waitress crazy changing things around but they will do it(helps I tip them well) and I get my food just the way I want it. And I don't have to cook or clean! Woohoo!

So where are you a Regular? And why?

Jennifer in Delray

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  1. Leftover's Cafe in Jupiter but I can't afford to eat there every week. I have never had just an average meal at Leftover's and I order off of the daily menu. It is always top notch creative seafood that you can't find anywhere else. This is my favorite resto. Lunch is ~ $10 cheaper per entree.

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      We had a hell of a time trying to find Little Moir's Leftover's Cafe but I got my husband to try it. Very creative but we didn't know what half the stuff they described on the menu was or tasted like. Also very very crowded, even on a weekday for lunch. Our service was slow also. This was a few mos ago. Their bar seats are interesting. Don't they look in on the kitchen?

      1. re: Jennifer in Delray

        I second Leftovers. I'm not a "regular" but if I lived closer I would be. I've never had anything but absolutely superb service there - even at 8PM on Friday night, in season.

        And I'm not sure if you are complaining that "they are always very crowded". What would you suggest they do?

        1. re: Jennifer in Delray

          One thing about Leftover's staff is they have almost zero turnover. The bar seats overlook the kitchen and you get to see the magic that happens when it's crunch time. It's orchestrated and hectic but never chaotic. If you think the summer crowds are bad, check it out in season. I'll gladly wait 45 minutes for problem.

          Most of the crustings for the fish are not so typical starches or root vegetables like yucca, boniato, celery root, parsnip, calabaza, etc. I had an asparagus, blue cheese, jalapeno crusted fish that sounded it might be overpowering but wasn't. Trust them....they know what they are doing here.

      2. How are their prices? They don't list any prices on the website.