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Jun 17, 2012 09:50 PM

ethiopian near sj airport open Monday

I'm looking for the above. Only reviews from Walia are a year old - anyone been recently? Zeni and Rehoboth are closed Monday so wondering If I've missed something or what the best bet would be.

I'm also confused Walia says it is open on Mondays but when I try to make a reservation all Mondays are greyed out. Tried to call but they are closed now I'll try tomorrow.

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  1. Walia remains my favorite for Ethiopian in San Jose. I go there frequently, once every few weeks, on average. It's minutes from the airport. I'm pretty sure they're still open on Mondays. Call to make sure.

    One thing that's changed there is that the injera is no longer made from 100% teff. It's a barley/teff blend, a little heavier on the barley, I think. It's good, but not as good as the straight teff stuff. And they still stay away from the bloating self rise that lots of other spots use. In their defense, I don't know that any of the other local spots do pure teff injera either. If you give them a couple days notice and pay a little extra, they'll make it with straight teff.

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      We did end up at Walia (they are open Monday) and all of us were very happy. I think the injera was quite good and the service couldn't have been nicer or more accomodating!
      Pluses - really good food, in a small shopping center (and for those who don't know the area it is really close to Valley Medical Center not in downtown SJ) so u can park easily and for free!
      we had a bit of almost everything b/c we had the combo vegi and combo meat plus some extras. A small extra which isn't widely advertised is that if you are there and check in on yelp you get a free side veg. Don't quite know how this makes sense for the restaurant but it is certainly nice for the customer :) Each of us had a different favorite.
      Go and reward these really nice people (who happen to serve good to great food at reasonable prices).