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Where to get Meyer lemon?

Can I buy these in the Bay Area, especially East Bay, or do I just need to know someone with a lemon tree? Is about now the season for them? Thanks.

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  1. Berkeley Bowl has them.

    1. You might be able to buy them, but they are sort of out of season. Meyers bear year-round, but the heavy production is in the late winter/early spring, which is when they're widely commercially available.

      Check Berkeley Bowl. And ask around -- as I said, most Meyer lemon trees have at least some fruit year round -- I picked a dozen off my Mom's last week.

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        Thanks Ruth. I guess I missed the main part of the season for this year. Will check B.B. and also keep an eye out at the right time next year.

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          Retail sales of Meyers are a bit odd: trees are a dime a dozen around east bay neighborhoods, but they carry a pretty high premium in stores. Find a neighbor with a tree and ask if they mind if you occassionally harvest a few when available.

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              The can get down to $2/lb in season. But yeah, for those of us who have (or know someone who has) a tree, buying them during the season is silly, because the damn things are prolific!

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                Which suggests there is money to be made. Parents with a meyer lemon tree: next time, forget about helping your kids with a lemonade stand --have them set up a lemon stand!

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                  True. Or you can take them to Phoenix Pastaficio and trade them for pasta (especially if it's not peak season)

        1. if you go to the Marin Farmers Markets (Thurs/Sun), there's a great vendor there who picked his tree clean a couple weeks ago, but still had some to sell yesterday. These are really nice ones, like what you'd find in a backyard (I'll use BB's in a pinch, but they are not near as fragrant).
          Anyway, on Thursday's he's right next to Full Belly and on Sundays, he's in the middle of the back, kind of across from Marin Sun Farms.
          Season is technically over, but they last on the trees so long they are ALMOSt (not quite) year round in the East Bay.

          1. How many do you need and where are you?

            1. a friend used to work at the Catholic Archives down the Peninsula in Colma, while waiting for the bus, noticed the tree behind him was not harvested, the lawn was strewn with them and many had rolled within reach of the sidewalk.

              I don't advocate poaching, but when it's on the ground and one doesn't set foot on the property, I say it's fair game.

              1. I just saw them at the 22nd & Irving Market for $2.99 a pound.

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                  oh I love that store. it positively saved my life when I was living at 19 and K and making exactly squat wage-wise.

                2. Not sure where you can buy them because my mom has an old tree in her backyard, but you can get a really good slice of Meyer lemon pie at the Bread Workshop some days. It had good lemon flavor but was not acid. The lemon curd had thin slices of lemon with peel on. The crust was flaky and buttery. I've also liked another pie there made of some fruit and nuts.

                  1. Berkeley Bowl West had them last night in the organic section.

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