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Jun 17, 2012 07:55 PM

Summer in New York City

Is there a general thread on what to eat in New York in the summer? I tried searching, but 'summer' is a problematic search term...

Summer is my least favourite season, especially for dining. It's hot and humid, so I can't / won't wear a suit, and my appetite isn't so keen on haute cuisine in warm weather anyhow. My favourite more casual cuisine [French bistro] is also too heavy for summer.

I'm curious, however, what experienced 'hounds would recommend. To take advantage of the season, I'd probably want to try lighter, fresher food. Also, are there any seasonal offerings [pop-ups, markets, special dishes] that I should take note of?

I know nothing about Yunnan, but this sort of thing looks promising:

By the way, are there any good Vietnamese restaurants in Manhattan?

The warmer months might also provide an excuse for me to finally visit Empellón...

Edited: the lads at Immaculate Infatuation have published a 'Guide to Killing It This Summer', in PDF and iPad iBooks.

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  1. Yunnan Kitchen is great. Search for the threads.

    1. If you like noodles, how about trying cold noodles? I often get cold buckwheat noodles during summer. I am not sure if Yunnan Kitchen has cold noodles. I had Chinese style cold noodles at Dong Chun Hong, and it was good.

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        I've never had cold Chinese noodles, but last summer I visited Cocoron for the first time, and their soba was wonderful, not to mention the lovely house-made tofu. What sort of flavours / dressing are typical with cold Chinese noodles?

        I've never been, but based on its reputation I wondered if ABC Kitchen might be a good place for summery food, but the online menu looks surprising hearty, especially the main dishes... Roast suckling pig with smoked bacon marmalade and braised turnips? I'm not even sure if it's a summer menu online.

        1. re: Winterpool

          Re ABC: '...the idea that it's seasonal is a con, as it's been pretty much the same (if not exactly the same) since November'. Oh well.

        2. re: myongha

          Cold buckwheat noodles mixed with ice cubes is a popular Korean dish, should be available in K-town