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Jun 17, 2012 07:41 PM

which should I eliminate?

So far we have lunches planned at August and Herbsaint and dinners at GW Fins, R'evolution and Dantes...we need to eliminate 1 of the 5...which should it be????

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  1. I've never eliminated Herbsaint from ANYTHING! But with the 5 you laid out, I'd nix Herbsaint IF you're going for lunch, which is not nearly as good as dinner there. I only favor an August lunch for the price advantage vs. their dinner prices. I go to Herbsaint for dinner for almost all special occasions, my favorite overall restaurant here.

    1. Do NOT eliminate R'evolution. I had a somewhat m'eh dinner at August with some issues, but haven't been there for lunch. I've not been to the other places, but again, don't eliminate R'evolution.

      1. I'd eliminate GW Fins. But take with grain of salt, I haven't been there. But I love Herbsaint and August (for lunch) and Dante's, and R'evolution is at the top of my list to go to.

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          Hm-m, local seafood (mostly), done with local preps. Why would you eliminate them?

          Just curious,


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            Dined at GWFins a couple weeks ago. Fabulous meal. Two of us shared 5 apps and split the Scalibut entree (a must). Many love Dantes. I am not a fan. Nothing bad, nothing great. Best entree is the chicken under a brick, infused with a wonderful maple flavor. Unfortunately it falls short due to soft skin.

            Have lunch at Commander's (in the garden room) instead of Herbsaint (better for dinner).

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              We've been to New Orleans many times and lived there for two years. GW Fins on our last trip was probably the best food we've ever eaten there

              1. I'd drop fins. Dante's will get you out of the quarter.

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                1. re: N.O.Food

                  Dante's IS good, but does one need to "get out of the Quarter," when dining?

                  Just wonder why the choice.


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    If you're sticking to fine dining, the Quarter should keep you full of good food. If you want some cheap eats, the Quarter sucks.
                    Bottom line is that any excuse to get outside of the most touristy area of any city should be reason enough. New Orleans is small enough to get a feel for the whole city with just a few days' stay. There's so much more than t-shirt shops, big ass drinks in silly containers and old classic restaurants.

                    1. re: irked

                      Every visitor should take a ride on both the St. Charles and Canal streetcars for a glimpse of what lies beyond the quarter.

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                        To be fair, there's much more to the French Quarter than t-shirt shops, big ass drinks, and classic restaurants too. That's a fairly reductive description. I disagree that the Quarter sucks for cheap eats too. There are plenty of options, and several cheap eats threads in the past year have explored them. Of course I agree that it's great to get out of the Quarter whenever possible, but it doesn't have to be either/or.

                        1. re: irked

                          Good point, and one that I had not fully considered.



                          1. re: irked

                            tons of cheap eats in the quarter. too many to list... from $3.00 bahn mi (from real vietnamese to boo), to the daytime poboy shops, to the numerous late nite delis & diners. too many to list.

                            the beauty of the quarter is it scales very well. if you want Big Ass Drinks, you can have that. if you want cheap eats, you can have that. if you want excellent fine dining -- both at old classics, or new -- you can have that too.