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Jun 17, 2012 07:22 PM

Elegant Saturday Lunch in Raleigh-Durham?

Hi All,

We are looking for a beautiful setting with delicious food around the Raleigh-Durham area to take my adopted grandmother. Occasion is Saturday lunch. Don't want anything overly formal. Thank you in advance for your help. Not always easy to combine both requests,

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  1. If Granny is adventurous,Tonali's Saturday brunch/lunch is casual and remarkably good.

    1. I'd suggest Rue Cler in Durham, Coquette or J Betski's in Raleigh, Herons in Cary, or Il Palio in Chapel Hill.

      1. I can't think of a more elegant place with a beautiful setting for lunch in Durham than the Washington Duke Inn.

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          I second the Washington Duke Inn suggestion. Anytime!

        2. If Glenwood Grill serves Saturday lunch, would be a fun place; or 18 Seaboard..

          1. 1. The Market Cafe @ Ferrington Village, casual, you can shop the stores and wander in the gardens.
            2. Parker and Otis, among many shops and several other restaurants in historic Brightleaf Square, Durham.
            3. The Cafe @ Nasher Musuem. See the art work and have an artfull lunch, close to Duke U
            4, The Cafe at the NC Musuem of Art. See the collection, roam the gardens and have a very nice dinner.
            All these places allow you to make a day of it, if you want.
            I'd like to know where you actually do go.