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Jun 17, 2012 06:10 PM

Low carb bread?

I eat low carb. I'm moving to the Portland metro area. I've tried to find low carb bread there before, but I haven't found a product low enough in carbs for me to have a sandwich or 2 pieces of toast for breakfast. I need 2 slices to come in at 20 g of carb or below.

I've bought bread at Whole Foods, and while there is at least one locally baked whole grain bred there that I can have one slice of, the carbs are too high for me to have 2 slices. Any ideas where I might locate a lower carb product?

I don't believe that bread I currently use, Cybros bakery's Sprouted grain breads, are carried in the Portland area. If I am mistaken, I'd like to know.

What do low carbers do for bread in the Portland metro?

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  1. We don't eat bread, we eat things that are naturally low in carbs instead of being artificially low in carbs...or some of us do that, anyway. ;o)

    Bob's Red Mill (which is located in the Portland Metro area) makes a low carb bread mix if you want to DIY. And I think Trader Joe's might carry a low carb bread option.

    Also there are a few low carb specialty stores in the area that might carry such a thing. I know I have seen them around town (again, I don't seek packaged and processed foods, so I have no real idea what most of the items are like that these stores carry).

    Welcome to Portland, here's hoping you find what you seek!

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      Well I like to have a sandwich from time to time and I seem to like eating toast for breakfast. The sprouted grain bread I use now is not artificial at all. It isn't the best bread I ever ate, but it is full of fiber and it works for me. This is one thing I hate losing in the move. Everything else is positive.

      I do know that Bob's Red Mill is located in Milwaukie, OR. Most of their products are too high in carbs, although I have used their ground almond flour and ground golden flaxseed meal. I also eat the Scottish oatmeal.

      Honestly, I can't see myself baking bread. I just want to buy a loaf.

      Thanks for your advice.

    2. I have no idea if this meets your low carb requirement, but I like the FOOD FOR LIFE/Ezekiel line of sprouted grain breads for their low-glycemic qualities (that they advertise). I can find it pretty easily at Fred Meyer or New Seasons in a refrigerated section. Might be worth checking out the label.

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        I have seen this product, now that I think of it. I'll have a look.

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        1. Not Portland specific (I don't know what state you're in, Maine, Oregon?), but I have had very good experiences for years ordering from They carry Joseph's Middle Eastern Flax and oat brain low carb breads, which are my favorites after years of experimenting. They make pitas both large and small, great tortillas which I use to make pizzas or wraps or quesadillas, and sandwich thins which are great for burgers and egg sandwiches. Here's the Joseph's web site with product info, though I found ordering friendly but inept from them:

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            Ah yes, Netrition. I'll have a look there for the Joseph's Middle Eastern Flax and Oat bread. Thanks for your info. It is the Portland OR metro area where I am moving to. I will have a look at New Season there. But Whole Foods does not seem to have what want.

            1. re: sueatmo

              Most places will order what you request, though WF has certain ingredient guidelines that rule out some products.

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