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Jun 17, 2012 06:09 PM

Places to eat near Lake Sunapee

Hi All,
I am going to be spending time this summer between Lake Sunapee and Lake Massasecum. I am not at all familiar with this part of NH so am hoping to get some restaurant recommendations for lunch and dinner. Prefer "local" type places over any chains.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You don't have to worry about chains in that area. Here's a link to possibilities, none very exciting.
    There's a new breakfast/lunch place between Warner and Contoocook called the School House Cafe. They also make meals to go. I thought lunch there was good. Foothills in Warner is very popular for breakfast. Expect lines on weekends.
    Hope someone else can give you better recommendations.

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      Thank you so much for the info. I had a feeling that there wasn't much when I was searching online...but your info is helpful :-)

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        Thanks for all the recommendations. This week was our first trip ( we are going back two more times). We tried Foothills of Warner for lunch and it was pretty good. We also ate at Country Spirit in Henniker and Appleseeds in ( I think) Bradford.
        On this trip we stayed at a nice B&B..the Rosewood Inn and I have to say nothing we ate in the area compared to the breakfasts we were served there. I would recommend spending a night just to experience the breakfast.
        We hope to try some of the other suggestions on our next trip.

      2. There are a number of good places for fresh, local food. A new place in Grantham, NH (exit 13 off Rt 89) called something like Farmers Table. Serves products from locaal farms and such. Well worth the ride. In Newport, NH you have a mexican place by the airport that serves fresh food. Both Newport and Norwich, Vermont have farmers markets. Newports is on friday 3-6 and Norwich saturday 9-1. If you are going to be in Concord, NH at all, check out Spoon Revolution on South Main Street. Excellent vegan fare.

        1. Here's a place for more upscale dining. It's owned by Mervyn Leroy's daughter. (He ran the Tavern on the Green and the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan)

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            To my knowledge, she is no longer involved in this restaurant. I'm also not sure that she is still involved in the New London Inn.

          2. I gave you the incorrect name of the cafe in Grantham. It is called Grantham Cafe and is off exit 13 on I-89. Worth the short hop up the road for local sourced food.

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              Hi there JPR you were right the first time the Grantham Cafe has closed and the Farmer's Table has opened serving local eggs, produce, meat, free range chicken, cheese and milk for breakfast and lunch supporting both the farmers and community Both breakfast and lunch, bake goodies, dessert and bread are made from scratch. There is also a brick oven............yummy pizza and breakfast pockets!

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                I realize that now. The confusion was that the sign on the roof had not yet been changed. This place is great and the owners are quite nice too.

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                  Yeah, I'm hoping that Farmers Table has some staying power (if I'm counting right, it's the fifth place that's been in that spot since I moved here, most of them rather forgettable). While nothing earth shaking, they seems off to a decent start, I've had some good pancakes there and some decent homemade hash.

                  (I always want that place to become a great breakfast spot, since it's walking distance from my house)

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                    I'm also hoping that it has some staying power. It's a convenient location. The only downside is that it's not open 7 days a week (closed Monday & Tuesday) and it doesn't start serving breakfast until 7am. I'm an early riser and if I need to get breakfast out for some reason, 7am is sort of late for me. And, if I need any meal out on Monday or Tuesday, I'm out of luck there.