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Jun 17, 2012 05:40 PM

Lungo il Tevere Rome question

We are travelling to Rome in August (as a family) and I understand there were a few (couple? one?) great pop-up restaurants/kiosks last year at this festival. The event began this week , and am wondering if anyone has information on any places yet that are notable.


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  1. I haven't been yet this year, but did go quite a bit last year. The restaurants are usually 'ok' from a food standpoint, but amazing from a location point of view. Last year was an exception, with a pop up headed by Salvatore Denaro (Sicilian chef who formerly had a restaurant in Foligno, Il Bacco Felice). I know that Salvatore won't be doing it again this year.

    That said, Naumachia, a pizzeria/restaurant almost always has the space at the tip of the island, right beneath the 'broken bridge.' Although I wouldn't necessarily send you to their restaurant near the Colosseum, I think the chance to enjoy a pretty well made plate of pasta or a pizza in such a beautiful location is unique.

    Another great way to enjoy the island setting is to stop by for a cocktail on your way to somewhere else nearby, like La Gensola.

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      Thank you for the response. I am looking forward to spending an evening wandering around here.

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        I wanted to report back in. We went for dinner last night, and there are only two restaurants on the Island itself this year. The place that used to be Naumachia, is now taken over by Il Bacco al Tevere. Although Salvatore Denaro is no longer cooking, they have kept his menu. The food was OK, but the position, right beneath the Roman Ponte Rota is AMAZING!