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Jun 17, 2012 05:28 PM

LaGrotta on Peachtree

My wife and I have a lot of fond food memories from LaGrotta, including a beautiful Dover sole entree which we enjoyed there on an anniversary many years ago. We moved away but we're meeting our grown daughters in Atlanta in July and thought about visiting again.

Doesn't appear to be a lot of love on this Board for the Peachtree location but the Ravinia one has some good comments. (The northern location didn't exist when we lived there.)

Can anyone point us in the right direction as to the food and service differences in the locations and whether we should even bother? There's a lot of great choices in town and we don't want to miss on a special occasion.


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  1. The Peachtree location is perfectly fine (especially if you want to relive the good ole days).
    However I think your daughters might enjoy something more modern; i.e 4th and Swift, ESS, 246, Eugene

    1. LG Peachtree has been my favorite since my first meal there well over 20 yrs ago. You will notice little change. We dined there about two months ago for my birthday. Great evening. I support rcburli. Empire State South and Restaurant Eugene are more innovative and modern with their food and space.

      1. We love La Grotta, both locations. While the Ravinia location is more beautiful, it is not "the cave" for which the original is named, and doesn't quite convey the same Old World atmosphere. Agree that if you're looking to relive fond memories, you won't be dissapointed by returning to LG Buckhead. If you are looking for something new and want to stay with Italian cuisine, I can strongly recommend Sotto Sotto. It's a very different dining room from the hushed LG. But the food is outstanding and the neighborhood and scene are very lively.

        1. All the responses are 100% accurate. I dined at La Grotta a few weeks ago, and am going back with another couple next week. It is still quality.