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Jun 17, 2012 05:21 PM

Napa restaurant plans (especially if TFL doesn't work out!)

My husband and I are planning a trip to Napa this August --

We'll be staying in Napa for 4 nights and want to get to some great restaurants. We live in NYC and have been in Per Se a couple of times but would love to get to TFL...unfortunately, we haven't been able to get a reservation and we only have one more chance to try (tomorrow will be 2 months to the date of our last night visiting Napa).

So, since TFL isn't looking good, here's what we are thinking/planning -- please let us know if this is a good approach OR if you have other suggestions. We are also looking for some great casual brunch and lunch opinion to complement our evening splurges!

Dinner night 1: We have reservations at Bottega
Dinner night 2: We have reservations at Meadowood
Dinner night 3: We're thinking Redd
Dinner night 4: We're thinking Cyrus



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  1. Cyrus is not in Napa. It is in Healdsburg, Sonoma County and rather a long drive.

    Since vacation season is upon us, there have been many similar queries and a few trip reports posted recently. Lots of opinions on all of these places if you search the board.

    1. Granted, TFL's setting is far nicer than the Time Warner Center, but since you've been to Per Se, I think you should splurge at Meadowood. Their front-of-house is as friendly as can be and Chef Kostow and his team delivered one of my favorite meals ever.

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        Meadowood is a great choice. Love Redd. For me I would subsitute Terra in St Helena for Bottega unless you want that bustle, high energy. Farmstead in St Helena has a good brunch and lunch,nice indoor and outdoor seating. Gotts in St Helena for burgers etc. Napa Style behind/in front of Bottega has some pretty decent sandwiches, can sit in or out.