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Jun 17, 2012 04:08 PM

Duncan Heinz Frosting Creations

I know we have bashed boxed cake mixes and canned frostings on this board a few times, but I think it is worth resurecting in light of this new abomination (DISCLAIMER: This is merely MHO and in no way necessarily reflects the opinion of or its members). Just quickly cruising the website ( ) is enough to turn my stomach and wrench my mouth by the suspected sickeningly sweet flavors that is most likely tempered only by the chemical aftertaste experienced with most if not all artificially flavored canned frostings.

So, my thoughts aside, what do you think of this new baking aisle offering??

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  1. The fact that they offer "orange creme" and "cotton candy" as flavor options sounds so disgusting...

    EDIT: AND bubble gum..... my teeth hurt just THINKING about it...

    1. Watch this:

      I saw the commercial and couldn't understand why anyone would want to mix their own frosting and not buy it preflavored the way it has always been. If you're going for convenience, you don't want to bother mixing it. Or, does it make it seem more home made? Marketing/business-wise, it's smart. Stock only one plain frosting, takes up less room on the shelf, less waste, and they make consumers buy two items instead of one.