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Jun 17, 2012 03:57 PM

Where In Montreal Can A Foodie And Vegetarian Both Eat?

Are there any fine dining or upscale restaurants that cater to an adventurous eater and a vegetarian alike? I'll try anything; my boyfriend is a mushroom-hating leaf lover who will possibly try seafood if we can't find a classy joint with more to offer him than a side of asparagus. On the train now from Detroit -- you québécois really seem to love your red meat! Open to any culture too, if it's fancy

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  1. Au 5ieme Peche would be my first suggestion. Au Pied de Cochon if BF will eat seafood, but if you're on your way now and don't have a reservation there already, then forget it. There are a few threads on similar topics here, if you do a search.

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      As a vegetarian, Au 5ième péché would be far from my first suggestion. Didn't have a good experience there, food was really bland.

      My best vegetarian meals in non-veg restaurant :
      - La salle à manger. Similar to Au Pied de Cochon but with 2-3 real vegetarian options on the menu.
      - Les 400 coups. Only 1 veg option, but always great and unique. No mushrooms risotto here!
      - Laloux
      - Bar et Boeuf
      - Europea

      Les 400 coups would be my first suggestion if your boyfriend is ok with only 1 option.

    2. If he will eat seafood, I had two really wonderful fish meals recently:

      Julieta Cuisine Latine - upscale Argentinian food - it's a lovely place, maybe not quite "fine dining" but at the high end of casual

      Restaurant Park - high-end Japanese/Korean, extremely fresh fish. Also some completely vegetarian options.

      Both are open Mondays if you're looking for something for tomorrow.

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        I just thought of another *awesome* place. Restaurant Su - it's a Turkish restaurant with tons of vegetarian options, and it's FANTASTIC. Way off the beaten tourist track but it's very, very, worth the small trek. (And it's right near the metro so it's not even that much of a trek.)

        Closed Sundays & Mondays.

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          Just a little correction: Julieta is Venezuelan with Colombian, Peruvian and other Latin American influences. I guess the most fitting term would be Nuevo Latino Cuisine.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Thanks for the clarification - I should have double-checked that and not relied on memory. ;-)

          2. re: kpzoo

            From personal experience, the chef at Julieta is very flexible and will adjust many of her meat containing dishes for vegetarians. (and by the way, does a great job at it)

          3. I agree with La Salle a Manger in the Plateau--was there two weeks ago and food was great per usual. Other good restaurants with vegetarian options are:

            I went to a BYOW this weekend, also in the Plateau, Les Heritiers. They have a table d'hote option that is five courses, and each course is not tiny so be prepared to eat if you choose to have the menu de degustation that's a pretty good deal, most $49 and under. Otherwise you can have the mains and appetizers separately. Really was impressed with this restaurant, which seems to be under the radar here on CH. Also does Quebecois/French fare like La Salle a Manger, but you can bring your favourite wine bottle from the SAQ or depanneur.

            I also went to Comptoir 21 for cheap lunch today. They are a fish and chips place in the Mile End but they also have a vegetarian burger option, and poutine made with vegetarian gravy. Definitely worth a visit.

            Otherwise, my other favourite restaurant right now is Comptoir Charcuterie et Vins, also in the Mile End. Small restaurant with a long bar to watch the kitchen staff at work. A great wine bar that is just as good as my eating at Les Heritiers.

            Have a great trip!

            1. You could just both enjoy a good vegetarian meal at Su Shian Yuang on Rachel or Aux Vivres. Or Miga will make anything on their menu in a vegetarian version. Unfortunately Chu Chai (another good vegetarian place) is still closed with no sign of when they'll reopen. Went to Liverpool House recently and the vegetarian in our group was pretty disappointed - they'd run out of their deep-fried zucchini flowers so she was offered fiddleheads with asparagus, not terribly exciting. Nonya is a very good Indonesian restaurant in Mile End with dishes like gado gado, sayur asam, tempeh bacem, and longtong sayur, very delicious vegetarian dishes as well as their non-vegetarian choices.

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              1. re: Plateaumaman

                I love Aux Vivres, but it's certainly not fancy like the OP wants... same for Su Shian Yuang.

                1. re: Glaff

                  I realize that but trying to eat vegetarian in a fancy place can be so frustrating and dull.

                  1. re: Plateaumaman

                    Just FYI for the OP, Aux Vivres is not only vegetarian, it's vegan. That said, many carnivores I know adore the vegan BLT with smoked coconut "bacon" - it's AMAZING. My meat-eating friend who lives 1.5 hrs. outside Montreal tries to make a special trip here every time she comes into town.

                    Aux Vivres also has a lovely terrace, so if the weather is nice, this could be a good spot if you're in the mood for something a little more casual. Or, try the takeout side and have a picnic on nearby Mount Royal.

                    Anyway, not what you asked for - I realize - but just wanted to chime in about Aux Vivres because I think it's a very special place. :-)

              2. Milos. Excellent fried zucchini & eggplant, delicious grilled vegetable plates, perfect grilled octopus, and good salads. I've only ordered veggie and seafood dishes, but the lamb at the next table looked very good on my last visit, if you like lamb. Milos is my favourite upscale Greek restaurant in North America.

                I also the arugula salad and seafood dishes at Cafe Ferreira on Peel, which is upscale, Portuguese, and seafood-focused, but also offers some meat options.

                I've also had interesting vegetarian and seafood dishes at Laloux.