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Jun 17, 2012 03:47 PM

Corning or Elmira area restaurants?

We're heading up to the Finger Lakes for vacation next week, and, while I have some good possibilities for Ithaca and the Penn Yan/Dundee area, I'm not seeing much discussion on Corning or Elmira here. We'll be there for two days; are there any restaurants worth seeking out? We're pretty omnivorous (except Italian - not so excited about that), but brewpubs or a good wine bar are always a favorite.

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  1. i'm visiting a friend in the Elmira area this weekend, and was going to post a similar question... :)

    1. An interesting lunch option is a bit outside Corning, but worth the drive, especially if you are planning to go around Seneca Lake:

      1. My friend's mother suggested the Hilltop Inn. Lots of NY wines on their wine list. I expect the big draw is the view of the valley, not the food.

        1. I have had good luck at curleys chicken in horseheads, just off rt 17. homey almost funky chicken house. went there when I was looking at colleges and it was still there when I took my son to also look at western ny colleges.
          I've seen some down reviews lately but let me put it out there

          1. As I recall, Elmira is kind of a wasteland for interesting food, but Corning has some good eateries along its main drag. I've enjoyed Brick-Oven Atlas Pizza and the Market Street Brewing Co.

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              in penn yan, there are a very good diners/eateries

              penn yan diner

              the wagner (across the street from the penn yan diner


              angles family restaurant (around the corner on main street)