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Jun 17, 2012 03:40 PM

Some good ways to use frozen strawberries?

Picked WAY too many strawberries last weekend and threw bunches on cookies sheets and froze them to throw into baggies. Can I bake with them after I defrost them or will they be too mushy?
Any baking suggestions are welcome - (besides making smoothies) I have to start using some!

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  1. My recent refrigerator disaster 'gifted' me with bags of frozen peaches and strawberries. The peaches went into pies that also used up some of the homemade frozen crusts (from the same disaster).

    The left over juices from the peaches, the less beautiful peach bits, and the now sad looking strawberries became jars of strawberry syrup that is verging on being a failed loose jam. These were boiled thoroughly and sugar added until I got a flowable jam. Today we found it's really good on pancakes, but I really think it will be even better on waffles.

      1. I am not sure about pies, but if you want to use them for muffins, keep them frozen. Slice them so you don't get huge lumps of fruit, but keeping them frozen keeps them from bleeding into the batter and allow them to remain juicy through the baking process.

        1. Jam. Just had my first experience with this, and am really happy with the results. The website has lots of good advice, including how to fix runny jam (which I needed, not because they were froz, but because I used too many!). Also, ice cream/sorbet.

          1. Just yesterday I used the last of my frozen strawberries to make a couple of big pitchers of unbelievably good strawberry daiquiris. I invited some friends over for no reason and we finished it all up.

            3/4 lb. frozen strawberries + 1 cup white rum + 3/4 cup lime juice + 1/2 cup sugar + 1 blender = one pitcher of amazingness. Repeat, if desired.