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Jun 17, 2012 03:23 PM

Lunch and Dinner on a Friday in Boulder

Hey ladies and gents - My husband and I are visiting Estes Park next week. We have a full day in Boulder on Friday. We actually flew in a day early just so we could buy our groceries at the AMAZING Boulder farmers market on Saturday morning. :)!

We'd like to have something super casual for lunch - taco truck, etc. and maybe something nice for dinner. We don't mind spending some money but don't really want to spend more than say $200ish. I've heard of Salt and The Kitchen and they both sound good. Any other suggestions? Also we'll probably be doing a little site-seeing and would like a light lunch to get us through until dinner. We are open to any and all options. We love everything from waffle house to sweetbreads and foie gras.

Also any great beers that we can't miss? We have a car so transportation is covered.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Also looking for a good meat market. Last year we got terrific lamb at the farmers market. We plan on doing that again. This time I'd love to find some elk or other venison if y'all have any ideas. Thanks again

    1. My first thought when you mentioned the taco truck is Pupusas al Sabor in north Boulder.

      For dinner I really like both Salt and The Kitchen and I would add to our consideration Frasca.

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        We called the Kitchen and they didn't have any reso's available but they said we could walk in. We don't mind waiting. Is this a good idea or are we looking at more than an hour wait?

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          Anywhere downtown is probably going to have a significant wait on a Friday evening if you don't have a reservation. But most places are happy to take a cell phone number when you put your name in and call you when your table is ready, so you can just get there a little early and spend some time strolling, watching the performers, checking out the shops, etc. until you get your call. Or even better, walk over to the Bitter Bar and have the best cocktails in town while you wait.