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Jun 17, 2012 03:01 PM

Polish Deli in Hillsborough

Wow, who knew there was a Polish deli - and a good one - in Hillsborough. It's called Halinka Polish Deli and is in a strip mall at the corner of Route 206S and Amwell Road. I found it quite by accident but stopped in on Thursday to have a look. They have a terrific selection of Polish goods including the old standbys, kielbasa, pierogis, babka, chrusciki, etc. Most of the items are labeled in Polish only but the people in the store are very friendly and will spend time with you to figure out everything.

The deli also serves hot lunches every day of the week. What a great find! Unfortunately, their web site leaves a lot to be desired but I include it anyway.

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  1. Wow. Nice find. I live probably less than 5 miles from there, and had no idea it existed.
    On my list for this week!

    1. I been there too. Looked a nice little grocery store. have yet to eat there. have heard some mixed reviews.

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        I don't think they get many people for lunch. The setup is a little odd. The lunch items are at the back of the store and from what I could see you are supposed to order things there, then take your lunch into a separate room at the back. There did not seem to be a terrific selection. Perhaps The Professor could look into this!

        Btw, I was surprised to learn that this place has been open for well over a year.

      2. Also an authentic Polish deli is in Manville on Main's the Eurpean Deli, again with many home made cured meats and hot items, and theirs Piast deli in Maplwood, one of my favorites