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Jun 17, 2012 03:00 PM

Fishbones in Chelmsford

Not sure if anyone has reviewed Fishbones before...but here it goes! Today was my second visit within a month. First visit was with a friend for lunch. No reservations, arrived arround 1:30pm, no wait. Nice atmosphere, great service and delicious fresh seafood! I had the Tuscan salad with artichokes, Kalamata olives, grilled cherry tomatoes and...oh my, Sushi grade, barely grilled, sesame crusted tuna...DELICIOUSNESS! Today, Father's Day, with reservations , I took my Mom ( who never eats fish...they offer hamburgers :) ) No wait...service was excellent! They accomodated her low vision and the food was exceptional! She actually ordered baked day boat Chatham haddock, sweet potato fries (house cut and fried) and house made coleslaw...Yum! I had the Salt Pond Bay creamy and briny...grilled shrimp and the Tuscan salad. Delicious

I have done restaurant reviews for a long time (but not online...kind of frightening!). I like Fishbones. The staff is friendly, the food is well priced ( they sell the oysters for $1.50 at the market and charge $2.25 at the restaurant, Hess Chardonnay at $6.50 for a good size pour), and most importantly the food was great, even on Fathers Day with a very long line of people waiting. They have an outside dining patio that I look forward to trying.

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    1. Is Fishbones a chain? Theres on in Marina Bay. Or is it just a coincidence?

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        Captain Fishbones in marina bay is not affiliated.

        Fishbones in Chelmsford is owned by the same owner of the

      2. Mrbuffer and I used to manage a retirement community that was within walking distance of Fishbones. Went there all the time and loved it. This was several years ago but I miss it. During nice weather we sat outside for our meals. The atmosphere was wonderful and the food great.