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Jun 17, 2012 02:58 PM

Marmite in New Haven Area?

It's a drug and I'm helpless. But Stop & Shop wants $ 7.19 for the small jar and that is such a high mark up that it is criminal. Need another source!

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  1. UK Gourmet in Newtown has 250g for $11.00, they ship but I'm not sure of the shipping cost.
    They also have other Marmite products, in addition to a very extensive array of British treats.

    Most of the other British shops I have personally seen are comparable to Stop & Shop. There's always, as well, (2 jars of 250g for $16.25.)

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    1. re: dennisl

      Wow, that's nuts. $ 7.19 is the price of the 250g jar.

      I know I have purchased it in the US for under four dollars.

      Next time I am in Newtown I will certainly check out UK Gourmet. They have all kinds of goodies. Thank you!

    2. Marmite costs between £2.50-3 for a 250g jar in the UK which works out to around $4-5 USD.

      I don't think paying $2-3 dollars over is really that much -- 7.19 isn't a bad deal.

      I live in London, and am on this board because am visiting in-laws in RI -- I would've sent you some but I think the shipping from RI to New Haven would almost make up for the difference.

      It's far far worse for American goods in the UK; try 11 pounds for Fruit Loops.

      1. Edge of the Woods market on Whalley Ave. in New Haven sells it. I have never noticed the price.

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        1. re: shoes

          I like EOTW, but don't visit as often as I used to. Will have to stop by. I wonder if they have vegemite too. I'd like to try it.

        2. Just a thought - - what about London Limited or Celtica on Chapel? Would they maybe have it? Definitely call first.

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          1. re: cheereeo

            I'll poke in next time I find myself wandering Chapel Street!

            1. re: Pipenta

              Pipenta, I am almost certain I recently spotted Marmite in Wholefoods, something that completely surprised me (maybe email them to ask?)

              Also, a head's up for anyone who is interested - they sell PG Tips in there cheaper than anywhere else I see them (including Stop & Shop) etc.

              1. re: pain au chocolat

                Thank you for that heads up. I also got Marmite at the New Haven Food Co-op.

                Now I want to find Vegemite!

                1. re: Pipenta

                  Pipenta - Found it-! I was determined to find it and it only took four mths.....I saw it on the shelves at:


                  approx 2 weeks ago. They're in Woodstock and the drive/area (also around Pomfret) are well worth a visit, there's tons of antique/flea market stores for bargains up there and if you go across the street to a little coffee shop/diner, they do superb pastries (the cinnamon nut roll and the chocolate eclair were insanely good!)