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Jun 17, 2012 02:46 PM

Outdoor dining on the strip

Good afternoon,

I'm looking for an indoor/outdoor place on the strip (not in a hotel) with good food and atmosphere to watch the NBA Finals next Thursday.

Open to any type of food as long as it good and has an outside type of bar/seating.

Recommendations/comments welcome.

Thnak you in advance!

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    1. On the strip but not in a hotel? I think that's going to stump a lot of people, including me.

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      1. re: TravelScholar

        I know there is an outdoor shopping/dining area on Las Vegas Blvd which was kind of what I was talking about. Its near Caesars. I am certainly open to hotel recommnedatons as well. What places offer an outside type happy hour with TVs and good food?


        1. re: dugyfresh4

          Here is an additional reason why there have not been many ideas floating around - it is a very warm week here in Las Vegas, and the forecasts for Thursday call for a high in the 106-107 range. So even at tipoff time, it can be a little uncomfortable al fresco.

          The dining area you are thinking of is likely the Fashion Show Mall, and there are indoor/outdoor combination setups at RA Sushi and El Segundo Sol. Because they face east, they get out of the sun early enough to be tolerable at game time, and note that both carry Happy Hour specials up to 7 PM, which should get you midway into the second quarter. I believe the televisions at each are more inside that out, but they are right next to each other, so you can check out the menus and offerings before having to make a choice.

          Not sure what the protocols are to reserve one, but LaGasse's Stadium at the Palazzo does have some outdoor seating. It will be table service instead of sitting at a bar, but comfy tables.

      2. From what I can remember from walking by (never went in though), Margaritaville has outdoor seating. Don't know about the food or TVs though. I know that's not a lot of information to go on, but as no one was answering I thought what little I could offer might help.

        1. This is too late for you but next time, Todd English PUB might fit your requirements? I don't consider it to be in a hotel (it's in the Crystals connecting hotels) and it has a small outdoor seating area.