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Jun 17, 2012 02:12 PM

Demeyere Atlantis Stainless-Steel? How does it work for you compared to other pans?

I'm looking at premium stainless steel pans and keep seeing various favorable references to the Demeyere Atlantis product line. I have owned and cooked in a few pieces of All-Clad but, I really don't like the handles though they otherwise cooked well. From watching some videos of the Demeyere skillets and woks in use, I am tempted to pick up a an 11" skillet.

How does the Demeyere Atlantis line compare to other 7-layer pans or other premium brands. While I'm in the USA, I generally find the European pans in any category are generally the best there is though, occasionally some specialty pans from the mid-east or Asia find there way to me.

What is your experience, good or bad, with the various stainless steel "premium" pans? I'm looking for something I can use on a stove top and in an oven (for example searing a steak and finishing it in the oven with some butter) and with more acidic foods.

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  1. I love my 2 Atlantis frypans. I have an induction cooktop. The pans heat up well, the handles stay cool. When I rinse the pan in hot water I can feel the heat transfering thru the bottom. I often pan fry a steak right on the cooktop; generally don't put it in the oven because the steak is not that thick. I can cook two pieces of beautifully even looking french toast in the 11". In cleanup i often use Bon Ami if soap doesn't do it and sometimes a white vinegar rinse because my water supply is heavy in calcium. I also have two saucepans and a casserole of Atlantis.

    I am very happy with my decision to purchase these pans. They will get fine scratches with use tho but they do the job intended very very well.

    1. Just FYI, Viking's 7-layer stainless steel V7 cookware is designed in the USA by Viking but made in Belgium by Demeyere. I have a couple of pieces and really like them: very heavy and solid construction, flat bottoms, comfortable handles (riveted rather than welded), nice even heating, work great on induction. You might want to check them out.

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        Everything tanuki soup said. I don't know that 7 ply is any better than 3 ply or 5 ply, but I liked the feel. I put together a spread sheet with various properties I thought were important for a sautè pan including weight, the Demeyere Atlantis is one of the heaviest pans out there. This can be a good thing, but it does have its down side when it comes to cleaning and manuvering it about. Also for its size 11 inch (I know sautè pans are typically measured in volume, but I didn't really care how high the sides were) it was the most expensive, short of Cu. In the end, I only considered pans I could actually hold in my hand in person, which narrowed it down considerably. I really liked the Atlantis, but I thought it was very heavy and that was the only downside. In the end I could get a 6 qt. Viking pan with a 13 inch bottom that weighed less. Or a 3 qt. Viking with an 11 inch bottom that weighed much less.

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          The Viking V7 saute pan has aluminum in the base. The Demeyere Atlantis saute pan has copper. The Demeyere Proline frypans have aluminum and are heavy but not uncomfortably so.

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            I made a bit of an apples and oranges comparison above, as the OP is looking at a skillet (fry pan) and yes, the Atlantis fry pans and sautè pans are not the same construction. The Demeyere Proline frypnas and the Viking V7 fry pans would be the same construction with the exception as noted by tanuki soup, the handles are rivited rather than welded. Although I don't have the numbers at hand, I would think the weight of the frypans would be quite similar since it would appear Viking is using Demeyere technology and metalurgy.

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              Do you know if Viking has the Silvinox finish?

      2. I broke down and ordered a Demeyere Proline "5 Star" 11" skillet which arrived yesterday. On the bottom it is labeled "7 layer" "Triplinduc". It is a really nice skillet with a helper handle.

        I did examine one a few months back and was favorably impressed. I found it to be much nicer then the All-Clad at the Willams & Sonoma store I was at though I really paid more attention to the Demeyere saucepan I was considering purchasing. Well after using my De Buyer 26cm Fry Pan on a hot plate for 6 weeks, I'm loosing the seasoning very often because I just cannot avoid cooking things in it even though I knew better. I broke down and pony'ed up the money and made the Demeyere purchase though not the one I expected (i.e. skillet not saucepan).

        I'm not sure how I will break this skillet in but, I hope to so tomorrow!

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          I'm sure you will get much use and joy form using it. I have the same size and I use it all the time. With a bit of practise you can use it as a 'non-stick' pan. I happily cook pancakes, eggs, delicate fish and fried rice in the pan with nothing sticking.
          :-) The only bad thing about the pan is that it looks sooooo pretty straight out of the box, but take a wisk to it and you will have just the best pan gravy ever.