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Jun 17, 2012 01:55 PM

3-day trip in July: looking for something good and unpretentious

Coming for a quick trip (arrive Thursday afternoon, departing Sunday morning, staying near 42nd/10th -- but will be all over Manhattan). Coming from Cleveland, I'm spoiled in that truly wonderful, creative food can be had so easily without a huge financial sacrifice and without obnoxious attitude. The last time I was in NYC, the place that best fit my bill was Marseille on 9th at 42nd. I eat just about anything - particularly seafood, but am unimpressed by "foams," molecular gastronomy and dishes that require a full paragraph to describe. Can anyone throw out a few suggestions?

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  1. Our favorite fish and seafood restaurant is Oceana, on 49th St., just off the corner of 6th Av. (street level of the McGraw-Hill Bldg). No m.g., foams, etc. Just top quality fish and seafood always perfectly prepared and delicious. And don't miss the terrific desserts. Service is pleasant and professional (not a hint of attitude). The large space has very attractive decor. If the weather is conducive, you can dine on their spacious outdoor terrace.

    Photos of our most recent meal at Oceana:

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      Oceana sounds perfect. I will check out the ones suggested by Lacrosse. Thank you both for responding! As always, Chowhounders come through!

    2. You might like Crispo, Jean Claude, Perilla and Fairway Cafe