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Jun 17, 2012 12:48 PM

Zahav for Vegetarians

Zahav is one of our favorite restaurants and we always order the roasted lamb shoulder. However, this time we have invited guests who are vegetarians.

Since the lamb tasting menu will no longer work, are there specific vegetarian and fish dishes that we shouldn't miss? (Of course we'll be getting the hummus and salads.) Thank you!

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  1. If you get the Tayim tasting menu, I believe most of the salads are vegetarian. Then, you can order a beg entree to accompany.

    1. Fried Cauliflower
      Crispy Haloumi
      the eggplant skewer

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        I second the haloumi. Make sure to get it...

      2. The royal trumpet mushroom skewer is really good, a unique and subtle taste but we I really enjoyed it when I had it last winter. The current preparation as described seems a bit different however.

        It looks like there are a few less vegetarian options than there used to be on the menu so you should be able to order all of the veg dishes and try everything.

        Separately, has anyone else noticed a trend that the number of veg options at restaurants seems to be shrinking?

        1. the fried cauliflower and haloumi have both been mentioned, and they're terrific- the beet salad is also good, as is the watermelon salad, which i had last night but dont see on the menu.

          i really enjoyed the only 2 fish dishes on the menu: the branzino skewer and hamachi crudo

          barry's right- there used to be other veg/fish dishes on the menu, but those are now gone- sad bc those were among my favorites. surprised theyre not on the menu

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            How frequently do they change their menu with the seasons? I am wondering if the availability of fresh quality vegetables drives the offering.

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              Maybe that is part of it. The menu overall is streamlined and they removed the separate dairy and meat sections (a nod to Israeli kosher restaurants which will serve either a meat or dairy menu). I guess it's possible that as summer kicks into gear and local produce becomes abundant they will add more veg dishes.

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                hm but isnt there a fair amount of local produce already?

                the amuse we had last night involved zucchini w baba ganoush and kashkaval cheese- i hope that makes it onto the menu bc it was delicious and meat-free