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Jun 17, 2012 12:48 PM

Chicago - is there anyplace worth a journey?

Just booked a business trip to Chicago for later this summer. I love being in downtown Chicago, don't get there often enough, and know I won't stave. My question is this:

Is there any eatery good enough to justify the effort of schlepping out to one of the Jewish neighborhoods after a long day's work?

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  1. In case you are not aware there are options now for lunch in downtown -
    Metro Klub 733 W. Madison, Chicago, IL 60661 312-602-2104
    Kotel Kosher (Grab and Go) 131 N. Clinton, Chicago, IL 312-502-5603

    For the schlep out to Skokie I would recommend:
    Shallots Bistro - - high end dining
    Taboun Grill - - Excellent Israeli food casual but IMO best restaurant in Chicago land
    For burgers - I would recommend Kens Diner - or the sandwich club

    I also like Tein Li Chow - IMO some of the best kosher chinese food in the US - downside is its only carry our and dleivery.

    For Dairy - EJs Pizzeria - - some of the best kosher pizza I have eaten -

    for a complete list -

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      Thank you weinstein5. I will aim to get out to Taboun Grill.

    2. AdinaA, don't forget to stop by Romanian Kosher Sausage Co. on Clark & Touhy for the best deli stuff. My favorites are their garlic polish, roast beef, shoulder pastrami, salami chubs, chopped liver, in fact, the only thing I don't like is their smoked turkey, which is spiced great, but too dry in texture for me.

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        They make an excellent Italian sausage and if you can get the salami in a fairly dried state ("hard") then have them slice it thin and savor it.

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          and to add I also love their beef fry -