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Jun 17, 2012 12:40 PM

Farm and Table ABQ-Update

I am curious if anyone has been to Farm and Table more than once since they opened a few months ago and what your impression is. I have read all the articles, features, etc and have friends who have been there a couple of times and rave about it. I am a 100% local, sustainable, organic cook and food person and love rhe concept and want it to work. But I'm also a marketing and PR professional and have become a bit skeptical as to their depth of knowledge and commitment to sustainable foods beyond lettuce and kale.

For example, a couple of weeks ago they posted their featured menu item on their Facebook page--yellowfin tuna. Either I am misinformed (which is possible) or they don't really know about this endangered species that has been totally overfished and exploited. All they have to do is follow the Monterey Aquarium's list of endangered fish to know that.

So how about it--are they for real or will they be out of business in two years after the luster and shine wear off?

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  1. Well, there's a supposedly a fishery off the Philippines now that's providing sustainably harvested (line-caught) yellowtail. I read an article about it in late 2011. I don't know if that's the kind Farm & Table is using, but it's not impossible.

    My impression is that they're not 100% organic, local or sustainable; they're just doing their best while trying to stay in a certain price point. My Mom went to brunch there and said it was so-so. My sister and friends have been there many times for dinner and love that the food is fresher tasting than in most area restaurants. In Albuquerque, unfortunately, it seems like being too earnestly "for real" is more often than not a recipe for restaurant failure. I think there just aren't enough people here who are able or willing to spend more for scrupulously sourced food.

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      My friends loved the freshness too and I guess making people aware of fresh, local, etc is to be applauded. We are so spoiled with my home cooking (forgive the pat on the back) that we are always disappointed in restaurants unless we know what to expect like fish and chips at Two Fools Pub. I doubt we will try Farm and Table unless for an outing with friends but I may stop in at their farm stand.

      Interesting about the yellow fin in the Phillipines. Wonder if that was contaminated by Fukishima. It is getting so hard to source seafood in these parts. It's either from the Pacific that was nuked by Fukishima or from the Gulf that was poisoned with oil. I found a frozen shrimp from Argentina at Trader Joe's that's pretty good and affordable.

      Thanks for your input.

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        I think I know what you mean, Sandiasingh. I eat pretty carefully, and find it hard to find anything better than what I can make at home, too. It seems like good restaurants are just doing a somewhat refined version of home-cooking these days, but I can sear a piece of fish and saute vegetables myself. I usually only want to go out to eat nowadays if the place offers something that requires some special technique or takes hours and hours to cook, if they're really being innovative (not happening so much here in NM), or if I need a deep-fried food fix.

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          My husband asked me if I wanted to go to Farm to Table for my birthday last week. I thought about it but decided not to waste our money. I am sure I will be disappointed. Instead, we'll go to the Indigo Crow in Corrales which has been consistently good for 12 years and has a good burger and wine list.

          Restaurant food is very mediocre here but even when we lived in Boston we stopped going out to dinner very often. We could afford it but found that it was almost always disappointing and a waste of money. I love to cook so that's what I do and spend my money instead on the best ingredients I can find.

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            Best Birthday Wishes, Sandia Singh! Indigo Crow is probably my favorite place in the Abq area. I hope you have a lovely dinner there.

            We just got back from Portland, OR. Have you been there? I think you'd love it. The farmer's market alone was insane. The first booth when we walked in had locally harvested morels, porcini and, get this -- white truffles! An old guy asked us to try some of the walnuts he grows on his property and they were unlike any walnut I've ever eaten, just so fresh and still sort of alive tasting. I hope our Grower's Markets in Abq can be something like that some day. Happy cooking, Ninrn

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              Thanks very much. The rain has been my best birthday gift.

              I have not been to Portland but have seen the farmers market and fish market on tv many times. Nor have I been to the ABQ markets except for Los Ranchos on Rio Grande. My schedule just doesn't seem to jive with market hours. The Santa Fe market is coming of age. It's been a long, slow process here for those of us who come from original farmers market country like the Midwest. The Madison Farmers Market in the 1980/90s had about 300 vendors. It was simply incredible. Maybe someday we'll get there.

              The local food movement is pretty strong here. I am friends with many of the orgs on Facebook and get postings almost every day, so we're moving in the right direction.

              Glad you had such a good experience. The mushrooms and walnuts sound fab!