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Jun 17, 2012 10:07 AM

Sunday Farmers Market in Portland?


We're visiting Portland for a week starting next Saturday. This board has been invaluable in planning our eating itinerary, but I had a question about farmers' markets. -- We'll get into town too late to go to the PSU Farmers' Market the first Saturday we're there, and we're heading to the Coast for a couple of days on Monday. We'd like to take a stock of food with us to cook at our beach rental. Is there any farmers' market held on Sundays that's worth a visit for that purpose? The only one I could find on the main Portland market website is one called the King Farmer's Market and there was no list of vendors. How is that one? Since our days in Portland are so few and our main purpose is to stock up for the coast, we don't want to go to a market that's mostly arts and crafts, -- just straight up food, with some really good local prepared stuff. If the selection is only as good as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, it's far more convenient for us to go to one of those, and just visit the PSU market the following Saturday.

Thanks for your help,

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  1. The best on Sunday is Hillsdale. King is a close second.

    Neither they nor any Portland Farmers Market locations have arts and crafts vendors. Not one.

    1. I go to the PSU market every Saturday. I was out of town this past Satuday and decided since I had basically been gone for the better part of 2 weeks I needed to stock up so I went to the Hillsdale version. It's not really even close to the same. While it is still nothing to turn one's nose up at and there are still good vendors it is MUCH smaller, some vendors definitely downscale their inventory for this one, the flow of people is awkward and there are hardly any ready-to-eat-food food stands. There's still stuff there that I would say makes it worth it over a visit to Whole Foods (Trader Joe's? Not sure how they would compete ever with any farmers' market) but if you have been to the PSU version the Hillsdale one is not the same experience.

      1. Kings Market is a fun smaller market. They have a row of prepared foods including crepes and tamales ( the only things I have had there) I don't recall any arts and crafts. The other place you could stock p is at New Seasons , which is a local version of Whole Foods

        1. King is a good market. I go to PSU most weekends when I'm in town. When I can't make PSU on Saturday, I usually go to the King market on Sunday. Their vendor list here:

          Groundworks is there; IMO, they have some of the best produce at PSU. Ditto Jacobs Creamery and their dairy products. Other good vendors on the list as well. Should have no problem finding lots of deliciousness to stock up on.

          1. Thanks everyone. We'll try to go to King's, and, if we can't, we'll go to New Seasons. Thanks for the tip, Cheeseisheaven. And thanks for the link to the vendors list, Jonoropeza. I see that what you guys call a smaller market is more than twice the size of my town's biggest grower's market, so I'm sure we'll have fun. By prepared food, I really just meant cheeses, pastas, breads and other baked goods, and there appear to be plenty of those. Best, Ninrn