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Jun 17, 2012 09:32 AM

Sol in Wellfleet

anyone been there? What is the buzz?

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  1. Yes, Ciclista and I went Oyster Weekend in October. I really would not pass too much judgement as it was their closing night. I was not entirely enthusiastic BUT I am game to go back if I had an invite...otherwise, I prefer Pearl and Mac's Shack. I am dying to try PB Boulangerie for dinner. Jillian loved it and oh oh, the former chef is said to be back at Tera Luna. So many choices up that way....

    If you are two heading to Sol, I would be inclined to recommend the bar seating. I found the chairs very uncomfy. Our waiter was very good. I recall the wine was pretty amazing. What's really weird is, I cannot for the life of me recall what I ate which is odd...I do recall the Bluefish Pate was amazing!!

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      I agree about the chairs - they are in dire need of cushions!! I've been wanting to try it, heard interesting things, but never knew where it was until yesterday driving home from lunch at the Bookstore, we spotted it iin the old w.h.a.t.building.. Decided to go back for dinner..a little bit of Brooklyn in Wellfleet! Everything we had was delicious and totally different from anything else on the Cape..Almost everything is locally sourced, and the dishes are quite inventive. We had local squid with shrimp shumai stuffing which was so good it's probably illegal, served on a chunky asian slaw, and hubby's lobster and corn tamale with fava beans was divine as was the dessert of chili-chocolate mousse with hawaiin sea salt. Sitting at the bar on the high stools being served by the proprietor Michael was lots of fun and the way to go.

    2. many better places to eat in the area, imo.

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        Cash only is a big turnoff for me, especially for a higher end menu type of place. Shows a complete lack of consideration for the customer and a bit of greed as well.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          What does greed have to do with cash only? I was surprised but I went to the ATM. I found their prices quite reasonable especially given the quality of the food.

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            I can't imagine how you get from "cash only" to "greed". It costs quite a bit of money to process credit cards, and the profit margin for restaurants is slim to none as it is. Anyway....

            I love Sol. That said, it's the type of place that's not for everyone, and likely will not appeal to your average Cape tourist looking for fried clams and lobster rolls. I find the food creative, high quality, and a most refreshing break from the same-old, same-old in the outer Cape dining scene. I like Mac's Shack, although it's never as good as I'd hoped it would be. The Bookstore? See above re: same old. Even the Wicked Oyster seems to be phoning it in these days (in fairness, have not been yet this year). I think you should check out Sol and decide for yourself. Personally, I think it's worth a shot. You may not like it, or you may love it.

            Edited to add: I noticed in a mention about their cash only policy, CapeCodGuy calls Sol a "higher end menu type of place". I might disagree with that. The prices are quite reasonable, I think, for the quality, and have definitely come down from what they were the first year or so they were open.

            1. re: purple bot

              We're becoming a cashless society. Like it or not, that is today's reality..
              The far majority of checks at full service restaurants are paid by credit card. So the policy of cash only is at best an inconvenience to customers. By saying ''higher end menu type of place'', I was just saying its not a sandwich shop where a check for 4 might be, say $50. Indeed, a check for four here with apps and wine could reasonably be $250 with tip. Who walks around with that kind of money? Thus the ''greed'' comment. The average discount rate for credit cards is 2.5%. Amex is higher. Most every restaurant in existance has figured out how to price its menu profitably given this cost of convenience for its customers. Greed, or the abilty to fudge the books for the tax man are the only reasons for such a restrictive policy for a full service restaurant.

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                Folks, we've removed some off-topic responses from this thread about restaurants that only take cash vs. credit cards. We'd like to keep the focus here on discussing local chow. Thanks.

              2. re: purple bot

                I found Sol to be of average quality and achingly self conciously creative. meh.

                I don't mind cash only at all as I would prefer to have all the prices not jacked up by the credit card cost.

                1. re: magiesmom

                  Cash only doesn't bother me at all. I am heading to Sesuit Cafe for dinner, cash only. Hot Stove, cash only, my travel business, May - Dec., check only (due to 4% fees and high credit card machine fees)'s all about choice...

                  1. re: phelana

                    How is Hot Stove Phelana? I pass it often and looks like a cool neighborhood hangout. Also, I always hit Sesuit during the day. Any buggie problems at night?

                    Not to derail this thread any further, especially after the request from the Mods, but I see a reasonable difference in the cash only policy for a byob clam shack, or a basic pub that serves $7 sandwiches and $10 pizza, to a full service restaurant with a wine list, with $8 apps and $20 entrees. I'll admit though, it seems like it's just me.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Hot Stove is my go to spot for sports TV and a Guinness. I have not eaten there since when I ate meat long ago. I am at Hot Stove maybe 20 times a year. The food is pub style as one would suspect. During sporting events they often serve free food. It's ok, not amazing but it is what it is. I believe Hot Stove donates a portion of each bill to a charity since they do not accept credit cards.

                      Heading to Sesuit now so will report on the "bug factor".