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Jun 17, 2012 08:40 AM

Kosher Delight In Manahattan is closing

While Kosher Delight is not chowish in any sense of the word, and they've been taking heat from the significantly-more-chowish-if-only-in-comparison Bravo Pizza next door, the loss of KD means one fewer kosher option in Midtown. They've lost their lease and are closing tonight (Sunday, June 17th).

I think I will order one last salt-and-grease flavored meal for lunch. They always had the friendliest delivery guys. I hope they all find jobs.

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  1. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids LOVED that place. OK, we only get to NY once a year or so, but still!!

    1. Bummer, loved their burgers. I guess it is now Pastrami on rye for me at Mr. Broadway.

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      1. re: MartyB

        Well, there's Kosher Deluxe; isn't that a KD clone?

        1. re: zsero

          For some reason my family and I just prefer the food at Kosher Delight to Kosher Deluxe.

          I have no idea why.

          1. re: SoCal Mother

            I've never had occasion to eat at Kosher Deluxe, but from its appearance and menu, and the similarity of name, I assumed it to be a deliberate clone of KD. Is there really much difference?

            1. re: zsero

              Kosher Deluxe used to be a Kosher Delight on 45th and 6th. When they moved to the current location a small hole in the wall schwarma place that was across the street from the current location became part of the restaurant (they did not have shwarma before). That's when they became Kosher Deluxe. what that means with respect to the ownership/franchise situation, I have no clue.