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Jun 17, 2012 08:27 AM

San Luis Obispo train station - where to get a quick bite to eat

The South Coast Railway Museum has a number of day-trips on a historic lounge car this summer leaving from Santa Barbara.

We picked the one on June 30 and wonder what restaurants are close enough to walk to from the SLO train station where there will be a "brief stop" before it returns back to Santa Barbara.

They also give passengers the option of getting off in Grovers Beach for a longer lunch, but then you miss the full trip into SLO before the train goes back to Grovers Beach for the return pick up.

Snacks and soft drinks are provided in the lounge car and one can pack their own lunch. But it would be more fun to see what we can find in SLO during this "brief stop". ......more than a bag of chips? Thanks.

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  1. Within about 100 yards walk are the following:
    Cafe Roma, nice Italian but not open for lunch. Lotus Thai is a friendly Thai spot and next door is Elephant Thai. My suggestion is a nice lunch at Sally Loo's. Fresh, local ingredients, Get it to go and dine on the train or at the station

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      Thanks for the tip - found this Sally Loo menu link. Any favorites?

    2. here's a posting I did about a year ago:

      Del Monte Cafe is just across the parking lot to the west about 2 minutes--and the food is very reliable, something I've not found at Sally Loos. That place can be a little hippie-trippy in my experience.

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        Looks like we will have only 55 minutes in our SLO turnaround and they warn us maybe not even that if the train is slow getting there. So it looks like a picnic lunch on the train and maybe able to grab a dessert or something close by instead just to get a taste of SLO.

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          Del Monte is solid and right across the street, but if you don't want to chance it...