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Jun 17, 2012 08:13 AM

Inexpensive Italian classics in Brooklyn

Can anyone recommend a good place for dinner with my parents tonight, on Father's day? My dad likes a bowl of pasta with hot Italian sausage in a comfortable place that's not too pricey. And of course, a glass of good house red wine.

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  1. Not sure where in Brooklyn you're willing to travel to, but here's a place you might like.
    Red sauce, old school vibe, and fair prices.

    New Corner -->

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      Tell him happy Father's Day, and go to Bamonte's in Green point.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        Excellent suggestions! I'll keep them both in mind for his next visit.

        We ended up getting take out from Piccoli in Windsor Terrace since he had been traveling on Sunday. Our meal was super delicious.

        I'd been meaning to try Piccoli for a while and took the opportunity. My mother had the lasagna and it was light and full of flavor. We got my dad spagetti with prosciutto and peas in a s vodka sauce and he was very satisfied. Next time, we'll skip the cannoli, they were just not up to snuff.

        I'm looking forward to many more dinners from Piccoli.

        1. re: Amy Jane

          Given what your original post said he likes, I would have recommended an old line red sauce place like New Corner as well (great eggplant rollatini, by the way). However, you wound up taking out from a place that I wouldn't think fit the description but, based upon my dinner there last night, is a gem. Piccoli's (6th Ave/14th St) food is excellent, as is the partner's other place Fragole (on Court St). For the price, the salads and pastas are great. Nice choice.