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Jun 17, 2012 05:59 AM

Your Favorite or Most Memorable Meal This Week, and Why?

Maybe it was something you cooked, and maybe it was a meal that you had out, but certainly one meal this week must stand out in your mind for some reason. It was really, really good, or really really bad. Maybe it lived up to your expectations; a new restaurant that you tried for the first time; or maybe it stands out because it was a new recipe that just didn't do what it was supposed to. Maybe you got the whole family to dinner at once and had a lovely family meal, and everyone behaved and enjoyed, or maybe the family meal was a mega-x10 disaster because everybody fought and refused to try the meal you worked so hard on? Or maybe you tried a new ingredient and everybody loved it.
My favorite meal this week was lunch with a girlfriend that I haven't seen in a very long time, though we've kept in touch. Just seeing her face and hearing her laugh started the whole "culinary event" off perfectly. We were shown to our seats on the patio. The latticed roof wound with vines made the sunlight shining through create dappled patterns on the patio's floor. The air was warm. When our meals came, mine was absolutely gorgeous: an antipasto plate that held beautifully-arranged petals of thinly-sliced meats: salumi, sopressata, proscuitto, and a good dab of lardo, accompanied by perfect, deliciously-marinated vegetables. The artichoke hearts were stunning; the gardiniera delicious. Accompanied by fresh grissini and white wine, and sitting in the warmth and laughing and catching up and enjoying the delicious food, it all combined to make the most enjoyable meal of the week. Of course I've had other antipastos, and enjoyed many other lunches out with girlfriends, but the synergy of the day was sheer perfection, when all was said and done.
Tell me about yours. Why was it good, what made it memorable? Why was it awful?

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  1. My local watering hole also houses the best burger in Westchester County (NY). I go there a lot, but try to keep my burger indulgences to once every week or two. They have good food across the board, but the burgers stand out. They are always perfectly cooked and I have a feeling the meat is a little more fatty than 80/20, giving it a delicious and juicy flavor.

    Well, I had been sick two weeks in a row and then was in the hospital for a week. The following week I was on antibiotics and then was on a restricted diet for two weeks. So this part week, for the first time in about a month and a half, I splurged. A medium rare (they always cook it a little on the rarer side) bacon bleu cheese burger with fries. Absolutely heavenly and after a six week hiatus, I remembered just how much I missed it and had another one last night. Pure delight!

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      Good for you!! So glad your health is improving, and your appetite along with it. Hospital food will certainly set you up for craving.......something, anything else. (Though I have to admit, last time I was hospitalized, the made-to-order foodservice agenda had changed completely from days of yore...). And that burger, she sounds absolutely divine. Glad you enjoyed!!