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Jun 17, 2012 04:54 AM

Lobsta Truck: A Pictorial Essay

Verdict: It's good! One of the better trucks around. Menu is simple - The sandwiches are a bit expensive, but the quality is definitely there for both the lobsta roll and the crab roll. I really liked their New England style clam chowder also.

They also carry Cape Cod Chips & Whoopie Pies as well.

Highlights: Lobsta Roll, Crab Roll, New England style clam chowder, Whoopie Pies

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  1. I really liked their lobster roll when I tried about a year back or more. Great stuff. In fact, I think this is as good as it gets in LA for lobster rolls.

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    1. re: kevin

      "The sandwiches are a bit expensive".... Seriously?? The sandwiches are a steal.

      1. re: janetms383

        Relatively yes.
        On an absolute basis no.

        $12 for something that you can eat in 4 bites, or $17 for the XL version which you can eat in 6 bites.

    2. Yeah ditto, they make a pretty good roll.

      Hit Hungry Cat and Blue Plate Oysterette but fell short of lobsta truck's and too much trouble to make at home.

      1. Yeah, I prefer their crab rolls (with butter) over the lobster ones. They use Dungeness crabs and those are my favorite. YUM!

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        1. re: WildSwede

          Thanks, now I have to chase them down again to try the crab roll! Only lobstah rolls when I went quite a while ago.

        2. I eat off this truck once a month when they have the 1st Thursdays Art Walk in San Pedro. It's the first truck I hit up.

          1. "A bit expensive" are you kidding me!! This has got to be the best deal in town. Three ounces of succulent lobster drenched in butter on a toasted bun for $12. Outrageous.

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            1. re: janetms383

              Need to clarify: Hitting the Lobsta Truck is going to be a tad more expensive proposition when compared to most other food truck fare.

              Totally agree that it's a bargain for the amount of lobster you get for the price.

              1. re: J.L.

                If you want to be totally insulted on lobster roll quantity/price ratio, go to Son of the Gun.

                They do a good job insulting your wallet .

                1. re: Sgee

                  7 bucks for one bite there, though it is pretty darn fucking tasty.

              2. re: janetms383

                These are about the size of a hot dog. I've seen quite a few people ordering two + a chowder. That's a pretty expensive lunch.

                On the other hand, it's lobster! And it's very, very good!