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Jun 16, 2012 09:24 PM

Farmers Market Sour Cherries or fresh in store


I've gone to this place for my sour cherries for a while and posted about it. Big John's and I'm very happy with them. There crop is about a week away which is ok. BUT I need some this week before saturday.

I need about 5-8 pounds and wanted to knwo if anybody has seen the sour cherries in local farmers markets or I hate to have to go to stores but I will.

I want fresh ONLY and how much a pound there are.

Thanks a ton,


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  1. Wholesome Choice has them, but I couldn't tell you much a pound they are. Last year they were $6 a pound, grown in Leona Valley.

    1. Uber,

      Thanks a ton for the help. I contacted wholesome choice but no luck. So in the end I went up to Big John's in Leona Valley and had some of their very fine sour and sweet cherries. I always get some honey too so it was a good trip. They have a heirloom sour cherry with red flesh that was very, very good. I ate it fresh even. I usually just get the montmorency which is a white or yellow flesh and is very tart. My wwife makes a killer cherry cobbler and we wanted to make it this year. They have planted more trees so it was a fun day and not too hot. I would get on there e mail list they were almost picked out.

      Thank you again and if anyone in the future see them in farmers market let me know where and the price I can always use more.