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Jun 16, 2012 08:53 PM

Nobody Told Me Capital Kim Tar Was Gone

Went by the spot where Capital Kim Tar was on Pacific Ave. in Chinatown and it's now Yummy Yummy. Capital Kim Tar had occupied that spot for at least 25 years, which is several generations in the restaurant world and was one of my favorite noodle places in Chinatown. I don't know if Yummy Yummy is related to the two Yummy bakery dim sum places in Chinatown, but it's not what you would expect. First of all it's right next to New Asia, so would you expect a dim sum restaurant in that location? But that's what they serve. Furthermore, it isn't just dim sum, but it's off the menu, cooked to order dim sum, which if there is a connection to the other Yummys borders on the incredible. And, the biggest surprise of all is that it's quite good. Street address is 758 Pacific.

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  1. the wheel of change has apparently left a number of SF Chinatown oldies in the dust this spring, with Sam Wo and Hing Lung departing recently.