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Jun 16, 2012 08:46 PM

Mandarin Schweppes - Ever in the US?

I was strolling through the neighborhood and stopped in a Turkish market that, for some reason, I had not set foot in before. I bought a few things, but what really excited me was the cases of Mandarin Schweppes. The reason why is, that I have some memory bell ringing that they used to sell this in the U.S. (Long Island) when I was a kid (early-mid 80s). I bought a couple of bottles today and have only taken one sip. It is a mandarin orange flavored soda. Now, I don't even drink soda, but I could tell that this was remarkably less sweet tasting than your regular sodas, and almost a tad bitter in a citrus-y sort of way. Nice.

It was clearly imported from Turkey - like everything else in the store, including the Nestle Chocolate - even though we all know Schweppes is not a Turkish company. :)

Anyway, the question I crazy? Does ANYONE else remember this beverage ever being sold - by a domestic distributor - in the U.S. about 25-30 years ago?

Here is a pic:

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  1. When we were in France maybe 20 years ago, we found Schweppes "Indian Tonic." A little orange, little lemon, all very tonic like. Still long for it on hot summer days but have never been able to find it. (The closest I've found is the Pellegrino lemon and orange they sell at Costco but still too strong and sweet.)

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      This whole thing started when my husband randomly bought a bottle of Orangina at a market while we were out on a long walk. We had forgotten about it (but both remembered the neat commercials from the 80's - and the old super round bottles). Orangina can be a little tough to find, although it does, oddly, show up in bodegas here and there. I was actually looking for Orangina in the Turkish market, because sometimes you find other European products in these sort of places. We tried the Pellegrino Aranciata as an alternative and found it sweeter than Orangina. Honestly, the Orangina tastes nice as a quick mixer with vodka...I don't like my drinks too sweet. But, the Schweppes Mandarin is definitely more of a soda soda. Like a regular orange soda but a little less sweet and a slight more citrus bite. As I mentioned, I don't really drink soda, but when I do, it is because I have a craving for orange...usually if I am having pizza. :) I am sure this is all in my head, but I really feel like they used to sell it here. We used to travel to Montreal a few times a year, as that is where my mother is from, so perhaps it was in Canada that I had it?

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        Don't know if you are near a Trader Joes, but they had Orangina the last time I shopped.

        (and for a not sweet grapefruit soda, Pellegrino Pompelmo is streets beyond Squirt)

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          I am from Canada, I don't recall seeing a Mandarin Schweppes.

          But by your description, the soda reminds me of green (Lime?) Fanta in Europe. You can find Fanta pretty easily in California, but not sure about the rest of the U.S.

          Hansen's natural soda has a Mandarin Lime, perhaps that is worth a try? They sell it at Trader Joe's, and Safeway.