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Jun 16, 2012 08:05 PM

Napa Wineries

We are visiting Napa in July for a few days and I am planning to visit some wineries on Howell Mtn. I have an appt at Viader and Cade and I would like to make an appt in between those two as there are a few hours free. I called Ladera and they are closed when I wanted to go. Any favorites in the area.

Next I am onto Spring Mtn. I have booked Smith Madrone and I am looking into Sherwin Family, Keenan, Spring Mtn vineyard. Any preferences or comments on these three.

We will have a little time in Healdsburg and Sonoma - haven't chosen any here yet. Any suggestions?

I have been reading the board and they are really very helpful. I might add I am very happy to say we have a res at TFL for my birthday. I am really looking forward to a special experience.

Thank you for all your help.

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  1. Howell Mountain (I haven't visited yet so not sure what their tour/appointment experiences are like):
    Neal Family

    Spring Mountain:
    Keenan is very down to earth. No tour just tasting appointment though you can wander the grounds. Grounds aren't fully developed. Wines are in a very restrained style. They have slices of cheese with their tastings to help with that, but they are still wines that need some substantial time in the cellar and are more food wines than cocktail wines.

    Pride has beautiful picnic grounds, and their tour includes their caves which are pretty cool. Wines are expensive, and really really big - full of oak and tannin when tasting, with big fruit hiding under the oak, so you have to like that style. Again, needs some good cellaring time, but a very big CA style compared to Keenan.

    Schramsberg (sparkling) is supposed to have an excellent tour, but is on a different part of Spring Mountain than Pride, Keenan, Smith Madrone.

    Relic wines has a good reputation, but I don't know much about them.

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