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Jun 16, 2012 07:40 PM

Mauviel & STL 18"paella pan-Help Please with Many ?'s-MM+Other ?'s

Hi~I am new here and just found a Sur La Table paella pan made by Mauviel (marked STL and Made in France) with brass handles that is 18"(not including handles). In my searching I also came upon the name Cuprinox Pour Le Table so I am not sure that I have named it correctly.
I read that it should be 2.0mm but it seems that mine is 1/8" or 3.175 mm (I don't have a micrometer so I used a mm ruler.) However I measured it from inner rim to outer rim and I think that I must have possibly measured both the stainless steel and the copper.
Not being at all familiar with gourmet cooking pans, I am hoping for clarity as to exactly what the name of this beautiful piece of cookware is and also what is the correct mm size.
Compared to the many outstanding and knowledgeable people that post here, and the fact that I believe this pan should go to a person who would use it and appreciate the workmanship of it. So that being said I do want to sell it and I would like to know if I should attempt to clean it or leave it as it is. The stainless steel shows what appears to be white spotting here and there and the copper bottom shows what I consider to be normal discoloration that I have seen with other brass items.
I really hope that I am not offending anyone with my questions and that they are appropriate for this board.
Many Thanks to all for any help you offer....

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  1. Hi learnit2,

    I think I have the exact same pan made by Mauviel, but from Williams-Sonoma. Mine is 18" across, 2.5mm thick, and lined with stainless steel.

    I would leave the cleaning to the buyer. People can be picky about how to clean their copper.

    If I were selling it, I would title it: Copper Paella pan made by Mauviel for Sur La Table, but you can always double check at

    how mush are you asking? or do you plan to ebay it?

    best wishes,

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      Hi alarash~Thank you so very much for your reply~I really appreciate it!! Great tip on leaving it to the buyer as that is the way I buy items so I can clean them my way.
      Thanks also for the title, I checked the Sur La Table website about this pan but they only carried it for 1 year in 2009.That is what my biggest issue is that I can not locate the exact pan online so that is why I came to this board for help.
      Not sure about measuring it -do you measure from rim to rim or do you need a micrometer to measure the steel and also measure the copper. It shows 1/8"Thick as measured from rim to rim and that translate into 3.175mm, From what I have read, that must be some error that I am doing in measuring as it is a solid 1/8"Thick??
      Alarash, yes I need to sell as it will just sit here when someone who really knows how to cook with this monster and will get great use out of it should be its new owner.
      I have no idea as to what I can get for it since this is not what I normally sell. From what I think I know (lol) I found prices for new ones around $550.00 and higher. Obviously it is not new, but I see that on eBay and on the web that these pans are not easy to come by used and it does show light use and no abuse such as dents or dings.
      Perhaps I should put a picture of it up here so that people can see what it looks like and hopefully I will get more replies to my original question
      Again, thank you...