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Jun 16, 2012 06:28 PM

El Taco Llama (North Hollywood) closed?!

drove by today, ready to grab some of my favs at el taco llama, but to my surprise llama was replaced by some falafel joint...have they moved? Oh why I ask...why???

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  1. Are you asking about the one on Magnolia by the car wash? That El Taco Llama was closed. The ones further north, around Sherman Way, are still open. A lot of the El Taco Llamas further west are still open, but they do not share the same owners and many of them are not as good as the Magnolia one.

    1. I wonder if they will be opening a Deli Llama soon?

      1. Closed months ago, it's now a falafel hut which I haven't tried yet - has anyone?

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          Tried falafel hut, decent enough but I'm in no hurry to go back. FYI they put the pickled veggies inside the wraps, so if you don't like the pickled veggies make sure to specify before ordering.


          The exact same setup exists at an older El Taco Llama, next to the 7-11 on Whitsett/Burbank. Went today, ran into the old cashier lady from the Magnolia location. Got my lovely al pastor hard shell tacos and everything was the same.

          El Taco Llama is back on my regular rotation!

          1. re: ns1

            oddly, i just tried that falafel hut recently, too.

            i agree with your assessment. it's decent enough. they could use some interesting hot sauce or something; the wrap was kinda bland.
            points, however, for fresh frying the falafel. points removed for the wrap being pretty light on the falafel part.

            eating at that joint always kinda drives me nuts. it's always so windy next to the street; my napkins and everything else fly all over.

            1. re: linus

              Falafel hut is no more. Back to being a taco shop.