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Jun 16, 2012 06:23 PM


Does anyone know where I can find Burmese food in San Diego?

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  1. Unfortunately, to my knowledge there is none to be had here.

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      I agree, I only found one place in San Francisco that claimed to serve Burmese food, but it wasn't really Burmese. I happen to be from Burma, so I guess if I want it I have to make it myself.


    2. There is a Burmese restaurant in Oakland, on College Avenue, near Berkeley. There are several Burmese restaurants in San Francisco. They purport to be "authentic." I have been to one. It was fabulous--but far too crowded. Sorry I do not remember the name. I have been to Myanmar/Burma but I really do not enough know enough abuot the food to say if the San Francisco places are truly authentic or not.