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Jun 16, 2012 06:09 PM

Typical spanish food near Magic Fountain? Please recommend.

On a Sunday in July, we have a group of 6 adults, 6 teenagers and want to eat near the Magic fountain, before we go see the light show at 9 PM. We will be in Monjuik park exploring and probably won't change before dinner. Any great suggestions for our group? Kids are big eaters, and we don't need a hassle trying to get a table at a "hot" spot, just something solid.


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  1. Hi, a Sunday? A group of 12 persons. Before 9pm? Near Magic Fountains? That's a tough one.

    You could try El Sortidor on Plaça Sortidor:

    However, with teenagers in tow you may want to try La Soleá — in the same square opposite the above restaurant: Friendly place — good range of Spanish (as opposed to Catalan) dishes, such as salmorejo etc etc and even North African dishes and BURGERS with fries.

    I've tried both — but never on a Sunday evening — with teenagers I'd go for La Soleá - fun place. And, you'll get to sit outside on the square.

    Plaça Sortidor really isn't so very far from the Fountains. Get yourself a good map and you'll see it's about a 15 minute trek. Worth it I think, as the restaurant-bars near Plaça Espanya are not so good — if they are open on Sunday evening.

    The Plaça — in Poble Sec — is a good place to chill after exploring Montjuich.

    All the best — enjoy your visit to Barcelona

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      Thanks a bunch. La Solea is a great idea. Looking forward to trying it.