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Jun 16, 2012 04:32 PM

Yellow Jug Burger Company - montrose

Yellow Jug opened up in the small space of the mexican/italian restaurant on 9a in montrose. There are about 4-5 tables, you order at the cash register and they bring your order to the table. The spot is nice, clean and the people working there are very nice.

the burgers are similar to five guys, grilled not broiled, they offer a number of free toppings like grilled onions, hot peppers, pickles, lettuce, tomato. Prices are also in the five guys range, about $5.50 for double patty.

The burgers themselves are great! sort of loosely formed patties of high quality meat, almost greaseless. Fries are also very good, seems like they use fresh cut fries but I didn't ask. They have other types of burgers including chicken, turkey, vegetarian and veal.

definitely worth a try if you're in the area, they're on 9a in montrose.

Yellow Jug Burger Company
2081 Albany Post Rd, Montrose, NY 10548

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  1. I was driving on (a the other day and saw this. I'll have to try it soon.

    1. this has become a once every couple of weeks place for our family, we haven't had a bad meal. The fresh toppings are terrific, the burgers are cooked to order. One order of FF is enough for three people.

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        I'm going to make my way here eventually, my friend lives nearby, have you been to American Burger and Mac n Cheese Company in Carmel?

        1. re: ryanallday

          no, carmel is pretty far afield for us. is it good?

          1. re: vinouspleasure

            burgers yes, the mac and cheese was nothing special